Notes From My Garden: It’s Amazing Out There!

I’m always in awe over everything that’s happening in our yard and neighborhood during Spring, especially after seeing all our plants go dormant and stay brown and grey for so many months in Winter. We planted lots of bulbs last Fall, so it’s exciting to see new flowers blooming throughout our petalspink snow

more crab apple trees in bloomcrab apple tree

bleeding hearts pink tulips pink tulips

purple tulipsorange tulips lilies of the valleySo many sizes, shapes, colors and textures! It’s amazing out there! Hope you’re enjoying Spring too.



6 thoughts on “Notes From My Garden: It’s Amazing Out There!

  1. Hello Terri,

    Oh you have “snow” on the ground. That is what we call snow here in my Mum’s backyard, all the blooms on the ground is the closest snow we are going to have. The tulips have such vibrant colours, enjoy.

    Happy days.

    1. Thanks Bev! Yes, we’ve been calling it “pink snow” around here. It’s so cool to watch it floating in the wind and see it covering the grass. I’m so happy I planted so many new bulbs last fall. So rewarding to see! I need to mark the spaces where I should plant more this fall to fill in.

  2. You have THE most beautiful yard. I want to sit on a bench there and just enjoy all the beauty. Our backyard is just okay–a few flowers but nothing like your bounty. Our front yard grass is dry and brown–very depressing.

    1. Thanks Cindy! Our backyard really has gone wild already. It’s so green and lush lately. I planted a whole bunch more bulbs last Fall, which are blooming like crazy these days. Soon our perennials will start blooming too. It would be fun to have a glass of wine with you in our backyard!

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