Notes From My Garden: It’s a Jungle Out There

Our gardens have exploded into full bloom lately with late tulips and daffodils, alliums, lilacs, irises, bleeding hearts, lilies of the valley, and more. We also planted the containers hanging on our fence gates (which are still lined with reused coffee bags), and added a few new containers to our patio.

lush backyard lush backyard

tulips and alliums

white bleeding hearts

lilies of the valley

new garden containers new garden gate basket new garden gate basket

mowing the lawn for first time

We finally got around to mowing our lawn for the first time!

It’s always a fun little adventure to go exploring in my own backyard, looking for different shapes, colors and textures. Hope you’re enjoying a lovely late Spring/early Summer too.



4 thoughts on “Notes From My Garden: It’s a Jungle Out There

  1. Hello Terri,

    Ooh I want to come and visit, love the Iris and Alliums, planted some of those last year. I do like the idea of re-using the coffee bags for the lining. Enjoy that garden.

    Happy days.

  2. I just want to sit there, drink a glass of wine and take in all this beauty! Our lawn guys came today. A couple of weeks ago they actually came to the door and asked if our front sprinklers were broken and needed to be fixed. It looks SO awful in the front. Ugh. Your yard looks like an oasis.

    1. Thanks Cindy! The invitation to stop by is always open! Our yard really has grown into an oasis for us. It was a mess when we bought the house (with 4-feet tall thistles and giant ant hills), so we’ve put in a lot of work over the years.

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