In the Garden Lately

Views from our backyard and gardens from June.

garden gate

June gardensmy backyard

backyard and patioClose-ups.June Garden CollageI was excited to find a Monarch caterpillar hanging out in our butterfly weed patch. And the butterfly weed is going to flower soon!

Monarch caterpillar

We’ve had rain storms every few days, which provides a moist climate for mushrooms and moss throughout our gardens. Yet I can still find something as dainty as this decaying leaf.
dainty decay

I love the way flowers look when the flower bud is forming.

coneflower in progress

Even our spirea shrubs have beautiful flowers and colors.spirearosey roseIt’s pretty amazing out there!


2 thoughts on “In the Garden Lately

  1. Hello Terri,

    Love the photo’s of your garden, the garden looks so lovely and green. Wonderful to have the Monarch Butterfly calling your garden home. I am excited to have a Clivea flowering for the first time.

    Happy days.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Bev! Things are growing in abundance throughout our gardens. I was so excited to finally find a Monarch caterpillar in our butterfly garden. I’m hoping to plant more milkweed to attract more. Congrats on your Clivea flower! So fun to watch and study our gardens!

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