2015: A Year in Review

I always like to reflect on the past year as a reminder of all the good things that happened.

Enjoy the Journey tiny art

We both got new jobs.

new job at Nancys Notions

We took our first trips in 5 years, and traveled to Naples and New York City.

sunset in Naples bryant park

I completed 12 months of daily doodles.

daily doodle December to July daily doodle June to January

I started making tiny art again.

collage of tiny art and sketchbook pages

I did a lot of drawing.

collage of sketchbook pages

I made all my sewing patterns free and offered a new tutorial.

Sewing Patterns Collage1 Sewing Patterns Collage2

I made a couple new patchwork tote bags.

Patchwork Bags Collage

I participated in my first craft fair.

craft fair table

I published 105 posts this year!

Here’s to a great year in 2016!


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