Animal Art Series Weeks 1-16

I’ve completed 16 weeks of animal art illustrations so far this year! It’s great fun to look through the weeks of drawings, illustration, and experiments with styles.
animal art weeks 1-4

animal art weeks 5-8

animal art weeks 9-12animal art weeks 13-16

I just recently started a new full-time job, so I’m a little behind already on starting my next set of animal drawings. But It’s always nice to take a little break, reflect and regroup, so stay tuned for more fun animal art. Happy drawing!


42 thoughts on “Animal Art Series Weeks 1-16

  1. Terri, These animal prints are so beautiful it seems to me that a fabric company might want to use them for fabric. You are talented and I am enjoying your work more every week. Thank you for posting your art. Barbara Klink

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