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Another Day at the Market

You know me, I love going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. June is such a great time at the market because strawberries – my favorite food – are in season!

strawberries at marketI only bought three quarts this time – two quarts to freeze for smoothies in winter and one quarter to eat now.

We saw lots and lots of sugar snap peas,

sugar snap peas at marketand beautiful heads of lettuce.

lettuce at marketI don’t like radishes, but I thought this pile was pretty. I’ve never seen radishes that were a color other than red.

radishes at market

I almost forgot to show you the stack of pies for sale at the Amish booth. They make the best bakery!

stacks of Amish pies at market

Check out the gorgeous peony bouquets for sale.

peonies at marketThere always a fantabulous selection of flowers. (are these dahlias or mums?)

pink dahliaI don’t know what variety these are, but aren’t they cool?

red dahlia at marketI’m so happy it’s summer!

In My Spring Garden

I have been taking a lot of pictures around our yard and gardens this spring.

flowering crab treeWe have these great flowering crab apple trees that look like giant blossoms in spring.

flowering crab in front yard

The bleeding heart shrub proves to be spectacular every year.

bleeding heart bush

Great close-up subject for drawing practice.

bleeding heart flowersSomehow, we even got white flowers out of the same plant. I think they are so mystical looking, especially with those rain drops on the leaves.

white bleeding heart flowers

We planted more bulbs last fall, which I had forgotten about, so these were a nice surprise.

new pink and white tulips

These tulips are my favorite!

my favorite tulips!

Check out these gorgeous dahlias I found at the farmers market today.

red and white dahliaI wish they were perennials around here, but our climate is a little too cold for them to last past summer.

purple dahlia

Isn’t planting season the best?! Once we get past the last chance for frost, I will be planting the vegetable garden, which will be strictly a salsa garden this year, and annuals in our containers. I can’t wait to get cosmos and zinnias too. I hope it looks as nice around here as a botanical garden by July!

The First Farmers Market

We went to the opener of the farmer’s market on Saturday, which is held from late April to early November around the city square where the capital building is located.

The market around the SquareLots of pansy baskets for sale.

pansy baskets for sale

Lots of hanging baskets full of geraniums too.

geranium baskets

The bee guy was there with precious honey.

The Bee Guy

You can’t have a farmer’s market in Wisconsin without cheese!

cheese vendorSo many beautiful varieties of cheese to choose from.

cheese cheese cheese!Check out these adorable cow cookies,which sell out every Saturday.

Cow Cookies

It may seem early for a farmer’s market to open, and we were lucky to have a sunny, 70-degree morning.  It’s my favorite way to start a Saturday, especially in April!

Recap of My Trip to China – Part 1

When I look back at my album of photos from my vacation to south China, it’s amazing how much I saw! I took about 500 photos!  I am excited to show them to you, but I don’t want this post to be overwhelming, so I will just share the highlights.

We met my sister and her family in Hong Kong where we spent several days, exploring, shopping, eating and being tourists.  We rode a tramway to the top of Victoria Peak, where you can see amazing views of Hong Kong skyline, Victoria Harbor, and the ocean.  

Me at the top of The Peak in Hong Kong

(that’s me at the top of  The Peak)
Views of Hong Kong from The Peak(views of Hong Kong from The Peak)

We also rode the famous escalators in Central Hong Kong. They are the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, and were completed in1993. 

The Escalators in Central, Hong Kong

(the escalators)

view from The Escalators(view of a side street from The Escalators)

We went on a ferry tour of Victoria Harbor.

Me on the ferry tour of Victoria Harbor

(that’s me again on the ferry boat tour)

views of Hong Kong from the ferry boat(views of the skyline from the ferry boat)

We did a lot of shopping, and then enjoyed afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel.

afternoon tea at The Peninsula-Hong Kong

We visited Stanley Market, a touristy area on the other side of the island from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong’s dense skyline.

Hong Kong skyline from the water

A couple observations about Hong Kong: you can still see the British influence because traffic drives on the left side of the road and the drivers’ seat is on the right side of the cars. There were double-decker busses all over the city. People were always friendly. Many of the signs were in Chinese and English – yay for us!  The city seemed very modern, hip, urban and cosmopolitan, which I absolutely love!  It reminded me of New York City on steroids! The skyline was gorgeous, especially at night with all the buildings lit up like Las Vegas. The rolling mountains, lush vegetation and tropical ocean made the city feel even more unique. I loved all the diversity and culture and 24-hour access to anything you want. One day we had Chinese cuisine, the next day we had pizza and beer. I could have spent so much more time exploring Hong Kong. Maybe on the next trip.

At the end of the weekend, we took the two-hour train ride from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, where my sister and her family live, and where we spent the rest of our trip.  Stay tuned for more recap and more photos…

Colorful Day at the Market

I have written about the Farmers Market many times in my Notebook because I love going to the market. It’s fun to see what’s in season, to have a coffee and donut, and just be outside soaking up the atmosphere. I love to see all the colors, from produce to people!

Bright table full of peppers.

More varieties of jalapeno peppers.

Gorgeous mounds of Mums and Asters.

These are the first Asters I’ve seen this season. What a cheerful purple color!

I love the sunshine colors of these asters. They glow like flames.

Check out these wacky gourds, which will turn brown when they dry out. People drill holes in them for birdhouses.

It was nice to see there are still lots of beautiful flower bouquets for sale.

I always thought these strawberry flowers were so cool looking. They really do look like strawberries.

It wouldn’t be a market in fall without apples.

Here are some colorful people at the market. I guess tie-dye t-shirts are still “in” around here! Notice the trees in the background starting to change colors.

That was another colorful day at the market!

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