Photo of the Week – Concerts

My photo of the week is actually from last weekend, but it was from an adventure that has stuck with me all week. Hope you don’t mind that it’s more than just one photo 😉

One of my favorite things to do is going to concerts, which I don’t get to do often enough. I was lucky enough to go to a huge concert in Chicago over Labor Day weekend, so I wanted to share a couple photos from the two shows we saw. We were also lucky enough to have great seats, about 10 rows behind the mosh pit.

Thirty Seconds To Mars

30 STM carnivores concert

30 Seconds To Mars Carnivores concert


30 STM carnivores concert

Linkin ParkLinkin Park carnivores concert

Linkin Park carnivores concert Linkin Park carnivores concert

Linkin Park Carnivores concert

Linkin Park Carnivores tour

This is the second time I’ve seen both bands, but these shows were so much better than the last time. In fact, they were incredible! I jumped, screamed and sang every word, and then lost my voice 😉 Needless to say, we had a blast!

The event organizers don’t let fans bring nice cameras into concerts (cameras with a removable lens), so these are cell phone pictures from a cell phone that’s a few models behind the latest and greatest. Note to self: buy a point–and–shoot camera with a better zoom feature for the next concert.

Hope you have some fun adventures planned during these last days of summer.


Recap of My Trip to Mars

I had such a blast at the 30 Seconds To Mars concert this past weekend! I was so happy to finally get to see them live.

They kept us in suspense behind this white curtain until the music started.

And then the crowd went crazy when that curtain dropped.

The arena held about 4,000 people, so the atmosphere was more like a party than a concert.

Giant red balloons bounced around over the crowd, which kept people quite entertained, especially during the acoustic set. Confetti streamed over the audience towards the end of the show – how fun is that!

 A small venue meant we could get pretty close to the stage, enabling us to get wild and crazy with the band.

We jumped, we screamed, we sang, we danced our butts off! Maybe I will get lucky with a spot in the front row next time – hehehehe.

PS – We are somewhere in this crazy crowd!