I Found Some UFOs

Guess what – I have some UFOs! I forgot that I haven’t finished quilting this pillow yet.

I now have three quilt projects lined up to make.

The first one is Randi’s quilt-along project.

I cut these fabrics into 4-1/2 inch by 7-1/2 inch rectangles a couple months ago to make another quilt but I didn’t like the way it looked, so I put them back in my closet for another inspiration to appear.

Then I saw Randi’s quilt-along project, and decided that was just the right project. The cutting measurements for Randi’s quilt-along project call for 3-1/2 inch by 7-1/2 inch rectangles, so mine will be a little bit bigger. Close enough for me!


I ordered some Kona cotton in Snow, which I cut into the 4-1/2 inch squares to go in between each rectangle. I still love the chocolate lollipop fabrics, so I’m looking forward to working on this project.

The second one is Anina’s 3-by-3 swap I participated in last summer, where we swapped 9-patch blocks for three months. I need to add white sashing to join these blocks, which I think I have about 48 to assemble.

The third one is this Little Gems pattern I bought from Anina, which is a pinwheel block, my latest love. I haven’t made any pinwheel blocks, and I love these fabrics and colors, so this one is going to be fun too.

Little Gems by twiddletails.

I have the fabrics cut for each one of these projects, so I am ready for some piecing.

I love having several quilt projects lined up. Until I can get to these, I continue to keep busy making new products to fill up my shop.

9-Patch UFO

I was going to keep up with the one-a-day quilt-along that was going around this summer, but I got distracted. Sometimes I’m just not that good at keeping up with the crowd!

pile of 9-patch blocksI liked the quilt on the cover of this magazine and decided that would be a great project for the Darla fabrics I had in my stash.

Quilts & Gifts magazineHere’s what the finished top looks like, which measures 50 inches all the way around. I think it turned out cute and sweet with two sugar cubes on top!

my Darla quilt

I finally made time a couple Sundays ago to quilt it, sewing diagonal lines in both directions through each square and nine-patch block. (hard to see in the photo but each square and 9-patch has an X sewn through it)

quilted Darla quilt top

I pieced the back together like this.

Darla quilt backNow I just need to another Sunday to sew on the binding fabric.  It will be nice to check this UFO will be off the list. Then I will only have about three more UFOs to complete.

Second Round of 9-Patch Blocks

Thanks go out to Anina for brightening my day with a package from the Three-By-Three Swap.  I like this second batch of 9-patch blocks even better than the first!  I don’t recognize most of the fabrics here, which is refreshing and gives this project a nice variety.

second round of 9-patches

I sent my third round of blocks a couple weeks ago, so I anticipate getting the third package from Anina. Then I will be ready to assemble this cooperative project with white sashing. Isn’t it fun to have others contribute their style and do some of the work for you? Thank you fellow swappers!

Sewing Mojo

I have been in a slight funk lately, not feeling too inspired to sit at my sewing machine for hours, as usual. I attribute this to summer, gardening (er, weed pulling), family visits, and reading. But I feel a sewing spurt coming on now.

A few months ago, I signed up to participate in Anina‘s Three-By-Three Swap, where we each had to make 16 nine-patches for the months of May and June.

9-patches for July

There was enough interest, so we are making nine-patches to swap in July too. We have to use a dark and a medium, so I found some good dark fabrics in my Garden Party stash. I ended up with eight of each color scheme.

My husband requested a set of pillowcases, so these fabrics on my sewing table today. (he picked them out)

good folks pillowcasesI ‘ve also had a couple charm packs lying around for awhile, so I think it’s high time I make something with them.

I want to make this bag with these charms.

good folks charmsAnd I want to make this bag with these charms.

flower power charms

There, that should keep my sewing mojo going again. I’m starting to feel re-energized again, so I better get going! Hope you enjoy the day!

First Round of 9-Patches

I received a package recently from Anina filled with my share of 9-patches for her Three-By-Three Swap.

9-patch swap month 1

Next month, another set will arrive. And I heard we are doing a third month of 9-patches, so I better dig out my instructions since I made my first two sets in May. I might have to make some extras this time since I didn’t save any of my own blocks.  

For the finished quilt, I will most likely frame them with white sashing so they can each stand out on their own. I think these are all so lovely!