Second Round of 9-Patch Blocks

Thanks go out to Anina for brightening my day with a package from the Three-By-Three Swap.  I like this second batch of 9-patch blocks even better than the first!  I don’t recognize most of the fabrics here, which is refreshing and gives this project a nice variety.

second round of 9-patches

I sent my third round of blocks a couple weeks ago, so I anticipate getting the third package from Anina. Then I will be ready to assemble this cooperative project with white sashing. Isn’t it fun to have others contribute their style and do some of the work for you? Thank you fellow swappers!

6 thoughts on “Second Round of 9-Patch Blocks

  1. Fun! I keep meaning to do some of the quilt-alongs but haven’t managed to settle into them! I like that you are using unrecognizable fabrics, refreshing indeed!

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