Garden Update – A Variety

No one color theme is dominating in our gardens these days, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of the current varieties in bloom.

Pink Coneflowers

Another variety of pink coneflowers with really thin petals.

Yellow Coneflowers

Check out this bright pink colored coneflower – gorgeous.

I love having this little patch of coneflowers right outside our kitchen window.

These bee balms are so whimsical looking. They’re supposed to attract butterflies, so I have to pay closer attention to that corner of the garden.

Sunny Coreopsis

Daisy Patch, which is done blooming now.

It’s such a treat to have so many beautiful flowers continuing to bloom. I think our collection of lilies will be ready to feature next. Makes me wonder how we manage to get through those cold, grey winter months!