Garden Update – A Variety

No one color theme is dominating in our gardens these days, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of the current varieties in bloom.

Pink Coneflowers

Another variety of pink coneflowers with really thin petals.

Yellow Coneflowers

Check out this bright pink colored coneflower – gorgeous.

I love having this little patch of coneflowers right outside our kitchen window.

These bee balms are so whimsical looking. They’re supposed to attract butterflies, so I have to pay closer attention to that corner of the garden.

Sunny Coreopsis

Daisy Patch, which is done blooming now.

It’s such a treat to have so many beautiful flowers continuing to bloom. I think our collection of lilies will be ready to feature next. Makes me wonder how we manage to get through those cold, grey winter months!

12 thoughts on “Garden Update – A Variety

  1. Terri,
    Your flower garden and backyard are beautiful. I’m sure you really enjoy your time out there. Your retreat sounded like it was so much fun. Your really got a lot done. Have a great rest of the week!!!

  2. Your garden looks HUGE on the first photo – bigger than I’ve ever seen it! Wow – your flowers and plants are putting on such a fine display this summer – which is amazing after such a harsh and late start to spring – the obviously liked it. Beautiful!

  3. your garden flowers are beautiful, Terri! i am happy to know the name of the bee balm flowers. my sister has some in red (just like them, i believe) and we didn’t know what they were called. thanks for teaching me something today! you have such a beautiful variety! i love the super thin petals of the coneflower, too.

  4. Hello Terri,

    Great garden shots, the flowers would make a lovely stitchery design. Still can’t believe that this garden is under snow in Winter. Thanks for sharing your green patch.Happy days. Bev.xox

  5. Your flowers are so pretty. I really like the pink coneflowers. The temperatures have finally cooled down a little after a 3 week heat wave so mine seem to be coming back to life. They were fried.

  6. Hi Terri, it is lovely to be back able to “visit” again, I have missed it, but am now connected up to Blogland so …. Here I am! Put the kettle on!
    I am amazed at your garden ….. when I think about the winter you had and how long it lasted it is really amazing how now you are in this rainbow of colour garden. Beautiful.
    Enjoy a creative week ahead.
    Val xx Berkshire UK

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