A Walk in the Garden

I think everybody in the Northern hemisphere has been doing yard work this weekend! We enjoyed a weekend of gardening ourselves.

We got some new spirea shrubs to replace the holly shrubs that didn’t make it through our winter.

We have this really big landscaped bed that borders our fence line. We’ve been trying to fill it in over the years to keep the weeds out, and make it look more like a park.

We added these new bee balms to attract the butterflies.

We also added these new coreopsis plants, to attract more butterflies.

A lot of our spring perennials, including those alliums, bloomed a month early since we had such a warm April, so now we need to fill in more perennials in those bare spots.

We stocked up on a variety of ornamental grasses, which get tall and provide great eye appeal. They are also low maintenance!

Our bleeding heart shrubs have grown to be giants in the five years we have lived in this house!

Our clusters of Siberian Irises get bigger every year too. I wish they lasted longer.

I love these late-blooming tulips, which remind me of Barbie pink.

It’s fun to watch the changes in the garden as we move from spring to summer, and the progress of all our hard work over the years.