A Walk in the Garden

I think everybody in the Northern hemisphere has been doing yard work this weekend! We enjoyed a weekend of gardening ourselves.

We got some new spirea shrubs to replace the holly shrubs that didn’t make it through our winter.

We have this really big landscaped bed that borders our fence line. We’ve been trying to fill it in over the years to keep the weeds out, and make it look more like a park.

We added these new bee balms to attract the butterflies.

We also added these new coreopsis plants, to attract more butterflies.

A lot of our spring perennials, including those alliums, bloomed a month early since we had such a warm April, so now we need to fill in more perennials in those bare spots.

We stocked up on a variety of ornamental grasses, which get tall and provide great eye appeal. They are also low maintenance!

Our bleeding heart shrubs have grown to be giants in the five years we have lived in this house!

Our clusters of Siberian Irises get bigger every year too. I wish they lasted longer.

I love these late-blooming tulips, which remind me of Barbie pink.

It’s fun to watch the changes in the garden as we move from spring to summer, and the progress of all our hard work over the years.

11 thoughts on “A Walk in the Garden

  1. Those iris are so beautiful; do you cut a big bunch to take inside? I love how they smell! My favorite flower of yours is the pale pink tulip – it has the most feminine shape that I’ve ever seen on a flower. Makes me wanna say, “Oh, quit showing off”!! Hope your week is as sunny as the week-end was!

  2. Oh Terri I love all your garden pics/posts. They are so inspiring and give me ideas for my yard. Right now my house is surrounded by dirt which turns to mud in the rain (kinda depressing). I can’t believe how huge your Bleeding Hearts are! My co-workers gave me one for my birthday and it is so small. I guess that gives me something to look forward to. 🙂

  3. Your garden is amazing! I have never lived in one house long enough to watch flowers grow to be that huge! I bet that feels so good to see them get larger every year. I’m jealous you all had nice enough weather to work in the yard. It’s been raining for days here!

  4. I planted some seeds today too! Love what you have going on in your yard – bleeding hearts have been a favorite since I was a girl…they don’t survive our winters here 😦 Have a great week!

  5. Beautiful flower garden Terri, I had a lot of the same plants when I live up North. A couple of plants I loved were peonies for their huge flowers and lilacs for their beautiful fragrance.

  6. Just some random advice on the spirea that someone told me. We have the same spirea, actually 3 of them. We were warned that they can get “leggy” over time. To keep them full and bushy, prune by 1/3 after it flowers in July, then another 1/3 at end of March/beginning of April before the leaves come in. We have done this every year since planting ours in 07 and are in Northwest Indiana. You may think it is too much pruning but it really isn’t. My husband told me I cut back too much this spring and you should see how big it has gotten. The pruning must promote more growth. Anyway, just my 2 cents!

  7. I am so jealous of all the beautiful flowers that you have growing! My mother would probably come and cut all your irises and take them home with her, if only she knew where you lived! What are those gorgeous purple bally looking ones? You’ll have to excuse my lack of flower knowledge! But they are gorgeous! I wish we could plant more flowers here but the sun eats them alive! 😦
    Sending smiles and warmth from Florida 🙂

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