Saturday Adventures: Botanical Gardens

On Saturdays, we’re always trying to think of something fun to do that’s outside our neighborhood. Sometimes, we go to the farmers market. Other times, we go downtown for a slice of pizza and a dose of people-watching. Sometimes, in Fall, we hit the hiking trails.

This Saturday we went to the Blooming Butterflies exhibit at the botanical gardens. We saw a nice variety of free-flying butterflies in the conservatory:

Painted Lady butterfly, found in Europe, North Africa, America and Australia. I’ve seen these in our gardens, but they were much darker brown and orange.

painted lady butterfly

Julia butterfly, native from Brazil to southern Texas and Florida.

julia butterfly

Zebra Longwing butterfly, the official butterfly of Florida, also native to South America, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolina.

zebra butterfly

Monarch butterfly, the milkweed butterfly, the most known in all of North America, and famous for its migration from central Mexico to Canada and back again.

monarch wings up

monarch wings open

They also have cases of butterfly specimens from all over the world. The most colorful butterflies seemed to be from warm, exotic places.

butterfly and stamp

colorful butterfly

I took as many pictures as I could for drawing reference when my imagination needs a boost. Such a great adventure full of discovery, treasure hunting, nature, and creative inspiration. Thanks for stopping by!


A Field Trip to the Butterfly Exhibit

I went on a field trip recently to see the butterfly exhibit at our botanical gardens.

I took some pictures of the specimens they had on display before going into the exhibit. (Don’t freak out over all these butterflies pinned down inside these cases. I don’t think they were killed for display in these specimen cases. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway 😉

It’s amazing how many butterfly species there are in this world!

It was such a thrill to see these beautiful, fascinating, delicate creatures up close!

Butterflies can be so hard to photograph because it seems like they never land.

It helps to have just the right plants to attract them.

And they are so good at hiding under leaves.

I was inspired by all the different shapes, sizes, and colors, and came home with lots of new ideas and fresh inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by!