A Field Trip to the Butterfly Exhibit

I went on a field trip recently to see the butterfly exhibit at our botanical gardens.

I took some pictures of the specimens they had on display before going into the exhibit. (Don’t freak out over all these butterflies pinned down inside these cases. I don’t think they were killed for display in these specimen cases. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway 😉

It’s amazing how many butterfly species there are in this world!

It was such a thrill to see these beautiful, fascinating, delicate creatures up close!

Butterflies can be so hard to photograph because it seems like they never land.

It helps to have just the right plants to attract them.

And they are so good at hiding under leaves.

I was inspired by all the different shapes, sizes, and colors, and came home with lots of new ideas and fresh inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “A Field Trip to the Butterfly Exhibit

  1. wow!! even in butterfly displays there is a colour wheel!! LOVE the colours and patterns

    1. Thanks Sandra. It was amazing to me to see so many wonderful varieties of colors… in butterflies. Even transparent species. The specimen cases were very interesting, since it’s harder to spot butterflies inside the conservatory.

  2. Hi Terri! Thank you for all these fantastic photos! Butterflies are just amazing with the colours and shapes! What a funny coincidence – I have been playing half day with my fabric butterflies and making a ‘Butterfy Sampler’ wall quilt! Happy week to you! x Teje

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