Best Practice – Cards

Here’s another installment in my best practice series – business cards! If you have ever received something from me in the mail, it’s likely you have received one of my blog business cards / calling cards. They are a quick and easy way to market my blog.

I set up a template in Word that fits two cards across by six cards down. I printed it on regular white cardstock from the office supply store. I especially like to change the photo for the seasons.

If you are going to carry cards with you to market your blog or your crafts, you must have a stylish holder to keep them in! I made this cute little card holder using a pattern from Amy Karol’s first book.

I had to make it a little wider than the pattern instructions in order to fit these cards. Now it’s big enough to carry my blog cards and my etsy shop cards.

Last week, Anne suggested getting some MOO cards printed up because they are more portable than carrying around a photo portfolio. Check out this handful of MOO cards I had printed a couple months ago for my shop. They are fun to have in a bowl at my desk because the unusual size and the bright photos attract people’s attention.

You never know when you’re going to strike up a conversation about your blog or the crafty things you make. People are almost always interested in what you do for fun, but they may not remember your name, your blog name, or your URL. Never leave home without a card!

Feel free to share your best practice ideas in the comments or link to your blog.


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