Pets Are The Best

As you may know, I love cats. But I haven’t always been a cat lover.

When I was very young, about 5 years old, we adopted a cat named Kirby from a neighbor who was moving across country and couldn’t take their cat with them. He was sooo cool. He ended up getting very sick with throat cancer, so we had to put him to rest. I remember it was a very sad day.

kitties looking outside

When I was about 10 years old, we brought home a puppy English Springer Spaniel named Kermit. He was such a happy dog. He loved roaming the woods around the house I grew up in. Eventually, while my brother, sister and I were away at college, my mom got injured, and we had to give him to a family who could take better care of him. I never saw him reach old age or get sick.

angel on the toilet

Many years later, I had a yellow labrador named Jake. He was a hunter and a free spirit. But he was also a great companion. He used to love riding in the front passenger seat of my car. I had a lot of good times with him. But I left that home before he reached old age, so he was active and healthy when I had to say goodbye.

angel snoozing

I always thought I was a dog lover. When I met Dave, I started to learn more about cats from him. He had always been a cat lover.

angels belly

We adopted two cats in 2002, Angel the mom and Callie one of her kittens. They have been part of our family for 12 years. Losing Angel this past weekend was really heart-breaking.

kitties in window sill

But we still have Callie. So indulge me while I tell you about Callie:

callies belly

Callie has a few nicknames in our house – Calsters, Callie the kitten (she’s 12 now but still acts like a baby), Cat, and Baby Piglet.

callie talking

She is so much fun to have around. She loves to sit on my lap.all.the.time. She follows me around like a shadow. She is a good mouser, finding mice when they get into our basement. She’s not interested in any people food, but she loves to lick the salt off chips and popcorn. She loves to do big paws, aka kneading, on her fleece blanket. She loves to lay on my clothes. She loves to sit in boxes. She talks a lot. (for a cat)

callie on the basket

I would love to be a crazy cat lady and adopt more cats. But Callie is quite territorial, so we will embrace being a one-cat house, taking turns spoiling her.

callie at the screen door

It’s amazing how these little creatures can really capture your heart. If you’re not a cat lover, or even a pet / animal lover, I’m sure you can appreciate the love and affection people have for their pets. So thanks for listening.


Random Thursday

I’ve been keeping busy this week with a nice mix of design projects and internship work, but I’ve also been feeling quiet around here. That seems like a perfect opportunity to do a Random Thursday post.


Our peonies are in full bloom.

peony shrub

We’ve had baked potatoes for dinner every Sunday night for the past few months. (Dave makes the entire meal.) We smother them with steamed broccoli, ham and cheese. They’re so yummy!

baked potato dinner

I had a really awesome burger with sweet potato chips for lunch with my boss Jen while we talked business and design. The burger was good but the sweet potato chips were my favorite part.

burger and sweet potato chips

Callie caught a fly in the house and had to guard it for awhile.

callie and her fly

I’m loving new songs by the Deftones and Nine Inch Nails.

cool sky

Thanks for stopping by!


My Daily Companions

I have been enjoying having a few free days in a row this week. Thank goodness I have a couple companions to keep me company.

This one (Angel) loves to lounge all day long, until it’s time for a snack or dinner.

This one (Callie) talks back, as you can tell. She loves to sneak up behind me and yell and yell and yell until I turn around.

I was never a cat person until we adopted these two nine years ago. I love my silly cats!