Random Thursday

I’ve been keeping busy this week with a nice mix of design projects and internship work, but I’ve also been feeling quiet around here. That seems like a perfect opportunity to do a Random Thursday post.


Our peonies are in full bloom.

peony shrub

We’ve had baked potatoes for dinner every Sunday night for the past few months. (Dave makes the entire meal.) We smother them with steamed broccoli, ham and cheese. They’re so yummy!

baked potato dinner

I had a really awesome burger with sweet potato chips for lunch with my boss Jen while we talked business and design. The burger was good but the sweet potato chips were my favorite part.

burger and sweet potato chips

Callie caught a fly in the house and had to guard it for awhile.

callie and her fly

I’m loving new songs by the Deftones and Nine Inch Nails.

cool sky

Thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “Random Thursday

  1. Sweet potato chips sound really good and those baked potatoes you have shown twice now are enticing me to have one!

    Ahhhh..peonies! So BEAUTIFUL. My favorite. Candles are the best and only remedy I have available for that lol *whine– whine*

    1. Didn’t realize I already showed our regular baked potato dinners. Are you allergic to peonies? What do you mean by remedy? I can’t handle scented candles with any fragrance (gives me a headache).

  2. I haven’t had sweet potato chips, but I love sweet potato fries! Your peonies re SO pretty. We had lots of them when we lived in Oklahoma when I was small. They don’t do as well out here, because I think they need colder weather in the winter. Which also makes me miss my beloved lilac bushes. Your pictures are always so beautiful.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy! I love sweet potato fries, so the chips were almost as good. Now I can’t stop thinking about them.

      Our peonies turned out to be ginormous this year. They get so top-heavy that they end up laying on the ground when it rains.

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