A Finished Coin Quilt – Progress!

I made this coin quilt a couple months ago as a part of the coin quilt piece-along, and I finally finished the quilting and binding!  Just wanted to prove that I have been sewing a little bit lately.

finished coin quiltI quilted straight lines around each column of coins, and then more lines around the entire piece.

front side of coin quiltI pieced the back with a larger cut of Bell Bottoms fabric I had in my stash and a couple extra columns of coins for the backing.

coin quilt backing

I think the back looks cool, but in hindsight, I would have had made the front wider with those extra coins and put a solid green in the middle section.

I still love how this one turned out!

Mini Coin Quilts

I spent a couple hours on Saturday practicing my free motion quilting again. (I hope you’re not sick of me practicing this – I can be compulsive.)

FM practice on minis

This is how I spent my Sunday – enjoying the beautiful outdoors while finishing my latest round of mini quilts.

how I spent my Sunday

I cut these charm squares from the Daisy Chain fabric collection, and had a pile of scraps that I made into these mini quilts before I even started the real quilt.

Daisy Chain charm squares

Here are the finished minis:

mini coin quilt(front of the mini mini)

back of the mini coin quilt(back)

The one above is small enough to be used for a placemat or hot pad (measures 11″ x 13″), and the one below is big enough to be used for a table topper or a doll quilt (measures 23″ square).

my other mini coin quilt(front of my other mini coin quilt)

back of my other mini coin quilt(back of my other mini coin quilt)

I really love the colors of these fabrics because they remind me of sea glass, which I have only seen in magazines.

photo of sea glass in Coastal Living

Seashell hunting is fun whenever we visit the ocean, so it would be fun to hunt for sea glass too. Where do you even find sea glass? Anyway, I am quite happy with how these projects turned out, so now I’m feeling another sewing project addiction developing!

Coin Quilt Top

I made so much progress on my coin quilt piece-along over the weekend!  Originally, I was going to use the pattern from the Moda Bake Shop for their stacked coins quilt, but since I didn’t start with 5″ charm squares, I ended up cutting my coins a different size.  I guess that means I made up this pattern myself!

I used the fabrics from the Bell Bottom collection by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom Fabrics.  Here are the coin strips sewn together:

coins sewn together into columns

I sewed the coin strips together with the white sashing in between, and here is the finished quilt top!

my coin quilt top!

I really love how it turned out!  It measures about 48″ x 67″, which will be a great size for my 5’5″ height.

binding fabric(binding fabric)

I ordered fabric for the backing, which I’m waiting to be delivered. In the meantime,  I better start practicing my quilting skills.

Coins In Progress

Are you participating in the 2009 coin quilt piece-along?  I have been enjoying seeing all the finished coin quilts as well as the process others are making toward finishing their versions.

I wasn’t sure if I would have time to participate, but I really wanted to.  I often have too many irons in the fire and then have an anxiety attack when I realize I don’t have enough time to finish everything, which takes the fun out of it!  I know, I need to relax and slow down!

I decided to quit worrying and just go for it, so cut up my coins on Friday night.

Coins cut up so far

I am using the coin quilt pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.  I cut ten fat quarters into 5″ strips, and then into 3.5″ coins.  Easy peasy.  Then I laid them into five rows of 22 coins.

I am using fabrics from the Bell Bottoms collection by Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom, which make me think of the beach because of the bright, tropical colors.  I love each and every one of the Sis Boom fabric designs (especially the new Flower Power collection), and just discovered Jennifer has a shop where you can order finished goods too!  I have been savoring these fabrics for a long time, and now I’m happy I saved them for just the right project.

I finished my next project for my design class, so I will be sewing all day on Sunday – yippee!  Stay tuned for the quilt progress…