15 Minutes of Play – Crazy Patchwork

I am really enjoying setting aside 15 minutes to work on a new idea, try a new technique, or just mess around with my fabrics and scraps.

Last Friday night, I was feeling unmotivated and unfocused, but I didn’t feel like going to bed at 9:30. So I decided to make Victoria’s crazy patchwork tutorial, a block I’ve always wanted to try. I was excited to find a pile of scrap fabrics left over from this quilt. Since most of my scraps were strips, I ended up with a sort of hybrid crazy patch/wonky log cabin!

I love this idea of creating a new piece of beautiful fabric from treasured bits and pieces. That larger block above ended up being a 16-inch square, and the smaller block below ended up being a 10-inch square block. This was the sneak-peak I gave you earlier this week.

You can see the difference in size of these two blocks here:

I felt so much better having made something fun on a Friday night instead of being lazy, especially since I’m already using the larger block for a new bag experiment, always energizing for me.