Mid-Term Reflections

This week marks mid-term, the middle of the Fall semester. That means we have eight weeks behind us and eight weeks left to go.

It’s thrilling to look back at the projects I’ve done so far, and tally all the great things I’ve learned, some of which I’ve shared here recently.

  • We’ve covered various techniques, from drawing, sketching, pen and ink, digital college, acrylic painting, and line drawings.
  • We’ve tried several different usages, from editorial illustrations to advertising illustrations, posters to trading cards to icons to greeting cards, to logos and labels.

I think one of the most important skills I continue to build on is developing an eye for the right design elements for the purpose and audience. We are also learning the business side of being an illustrator, which is exciting to dream about.

I’ve also designed several websites with new web skills, primarily how to use better html code for search engine optimization, how to organize information better and in more visually appealing ways, how to set up interesting photo galleries, and how to design a site to be flexible for a desktop screen, tablet and mobile device.

I’m excited about all the things still left to cover in the next eight weeks. Posters, spot illustrations, logos, packaging designs, tshirt design, self promo product, and more fun stuff!

I hope you’ll continue to stay with me on this journey. Thanks for stopping by!

New Semester, New Skills, New Routine

Today was the first day of my fall semester of more graphic design classes, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am usually one of the older students in my classes, and I think probably one of the few students who feels lucky, lucky to be taking these classes and lucky to be creating a new and uber creative career.

I have a crazy full load of classes this semester, with Illustration, Electronic Illustration, Graphic Design and Advanced Web Page Design. I am going to be very challenged in each of these classes in many different ways, ways I am excited to grow in.

It’s great to be back on campus and starting a new routine, but I must confess, I am already missing my summer routine. I was on a roll and getting so much done. I’m hoping I’ll have a few illustration projects to share with you over the next couple months. And I’m hoping to keep up with my own personal sketchbook experiments.

Thanks for stopping by!

Learning How to Screen Print

For one of my final projects for my interim summer class, we got the opportunity to learn how to do screen printing. I decided to capitalize on my current butterfly theme and try screen printing one of my other butterfly sketches –  this one is a swallow tail. I liked the idea of doing just black ink to make the butterfly look skeletal or like a silhouette.

I went a little crazy, trying it on all sorts of different papers. I also tried a few pieces of fabrics, thinking I could figure out what to make with them at a later date, maybe a shopping tote bag or a sketchbook cover.

I found a couple t-shirts I never wear, so I screen printed a butterfly in a random place on the back. Love how that turned out! Now I have two new t-shirts.

I do believe I have discovered a new art medium I could get obsessed with. I bought the supplies to do my own screen printing at home. Have I mentioned lately that I love graphic design? Oh yeah, I think I have.

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