Happy Days

Happy to be celebrating our 13-year wedding anniversary today!

wedding picture

The best thing is that we continue to make each other laugh. Oh Happy Days!

wedding picture

Hope you are enjoying a great kick-off to summer.


I Heart Hiking

I was so happy our weather cooled off over the weekend so we could finally go hiking (i.e. no more bugs!)

Every fall, we love to make several trips to a county park about 20 minutes from our house. It’s set out in the country, so it doesn’t get too much traffic.

It has the most beautiful trails winding past a small lake and through the woods.

The fall colors are just barely beginning around here, but we did find some other treasures in the woods.

We had a lot of rain over the summer months and into fall, so there were these mushrooms (or fungus?) everywhere, making the woods look very mystical.

We always take the outer trail which is the longest and ends up at this quaint warming cabin, which can be used to warm up in winter after a day of cross country skiing or snowshoeing on these same trails.

There is also a big firepit in this clearing for campfires.

It’s one of my favorite things about the area I live in, and one of my favorite things about fall!

Custom Order for Two Bags

My mission this weekend was to complete a custom order I received from one of my sister’s friends. Wahoo, another custom order for my shop!

cheerful fabrics for custom order

One of my sister’s friends in China requested two zippered bags to carry her techie gadgets. She requested patchwork in cheerful fabrics similar to my zippered bags and laptop bags, so I selected these fun fabrics in various pinks and reds.

Since she wanted cheerful, I used this fabric for the  lining. These charming birds and the whimsy connecting them remind me of spring and happy days.

cheerful fabric for lining

She needed a zippered bag to carry her MP3 player and headphones.

zipper bag for mp3 player
zipper bag for mp3 player

She needed another zippered bag to carry her DVD player.

zipper bag for dvd player

Using the measurements she gave me of her DVD player and MP3 player, I drew templates onto cardboard to gauge the size and fit. I am getting hooked on sketching patterns and templates to work my way through a custom order or new project idea.

template for mp3 player bag

I added handles to both bags with the option to disconnect them if she wants to carry them inside her tote bag. I think (hope) they will both work fine for her needs.

template for dvd player bag

Mission completed, which makes me happy this Monday! I’m always honored when someone asks me to make a custom patchwork project for them. I am so in love the bright, girlie colors of these bags, so I hope my new customer likes them as much as I do!