I Heart Hiking

I was so happy our weather cooled off over the weekend so we could finally go hiking (i.e. no more bugs!)

Every fall, we love to make several trips to a county park about 20 minutes from our house. It’s set out in the country, so it doesn’t get too much traffic.

It has the most beautiful trails winding past a small lake and through the woods.

The fall colors are just barely beginning around here, but we did find some other treasures in the woods.

We had a lot of rain over the summer months and into fall, so there were these mushrooms (or fungus?) everywhere, making the woods look very mystical.

We always take the outer trail which is the longest and ends up at this quaint warming cabin, which can be used to warm up in winter after a day of cross country skiing or snowshoeing on these same trails.

There is also a big firepit in this clearing for campfires.

It’s one of my favorite things about the area I live in, and one of my favorite things about fall!

21 thoughts on “I Heart Hiking

  1. My hubby and I LOVE to hike!!! We started taking our son Ayden when he was just 3 months old back in AZ:) As he gets older, (a tad;) he really loves the outdoors and roaming through the paths in the woods.

    Nature is absolutely amazing—God is good:)

  2. I just love your pictures. It looks like a very nice place to walk. In about two weeks I will be going to Branson MO. for a week get away with some friends. We are taking our sewing and going to Big Ceder. Lots of walking trails. Can’t wait. And yes I to am glad for cooler weather. It was to get down to 49 last night don’t think it got that low but maybe. I no this morning it is very cool and feels good. I’m a sweatshirt girl. Just love it.
    Have a good week at school, and keep crafting.

  3. My husband loves to hike. Not that I don’t, but he’s one of those “off the beaten path” deer types…you know, running and jumping and everything is interesting. I’m content to let the dogs run and jump and sniff while I mosey ALONG the beaten path. It looks like you had a great day-I kept expecting to see a gnome pop out from behind one of those mushrooms 🙂

  4. Your hiking trail looks wonderful – I love the fungi pictures – they are always so strange and magical aren’t they! There’s nothing better than getting out and filling your lungs with pure fresh air – it feels sooo good.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures x

  5. That place looks awesome! I love the picture with the trees crossing overhead… talk about mystical! I also love seeing mushrooms along the trails. They’re so cute and weird! How fun!

    I’ll be posting some fall hiking after the rains stop. It’s a bit wet right now!

  6. Great photo’s Terri and thanks for sharing your hike with us. Love that hollowed out tree. Could you send some of that cool weather this way? 🙂 Our weather has been hitting record highs for this time of year, into the 100’s. Ugh!! I think we need to take a drive to the mountains for a hike and to see some fall colors.

  7. Dearest terri, such gorgeous view and photos!! The place really look like a wonderful place to hide. I could just smell the fresh air! I remember you took a similar photo of you in a tree trunk last year or sometime early this year. Love that first photo…you look soo beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  8. It looks so gorgeous! I can almost feel the cooler temps through the screen! I know I probably sound like a broken record…but it’s still so hot here…105 today!

  9. Hi Terri, I enjoy hiking too – with my little dog Bella. Though here in England we don’t have such a problem with bugs, I can quite see that you must look forward to the Autumn weather and take advantage of every opportunity to be in the great outdoors that your lovely photos show. It really does look a beautiful spot that you have been blessed with.
    Carry on Enjoying!
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  10. I love the photos of you in the tree. They make me smile every time. I haven’t been hiking in awhile but since it’s finally starting to cool off it might just be time to take a trip.
    I love these photos by the way. The mushrooms and that cabin are beautiful.

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