Stop To Smell the Flowers

We spend so much of our free time working in our yard (or me working on sewing projects!), that we don’t stop to smell those flowers… or play in our yard. Last night we got out the badminton rackets and played for awhile – so fun!

Speaking of flowers, our rose bushes are blooming like crazy!

Our daisy patch came to life early – one of my favorite flowers!

It’s not all sunshine and roses in our gardens, though. Look at what the rabbits have done to one of our hosts – those lil buggers! Anybody else having problems with rabbits this season?

At least it was just a hosta they devoured and not a precious flower.

Thank you for your sweet comments on my recent handbag experiment! I really appreciate all the wonderfully positive feedback! I am happy to report I have tested the teal version this week, and so far, so good! I am looking forward to the next edition of my experiment.

Three cheers for Friday, my friends!