Field Trip to Farmers Market

I can’t remember the last time we made a field trip to the farmers market, so it was a thrill to go this past weekend.

It was the last weekend of summer, no better time to get out there while the weather was still warm and sunny.

There were so many vibrant colors to soak in.

I noticed a lot more varieties of peppers on this visit.

Has anyone ever heard of chocolate peppers? I wish I had asked the farmer what these tasted like, but it was so crowded, I never got the chance.

I’m excited for apple season, which has always been one of my favorite fruits (in addition to berries). I bought a few Courtlands that I’m excited to try.

Many of my favorite flowers, mums and asters, were blooming and ready to be taken home.

Every year, when Fall arrives, I see all sorts of big, bold, beautiful sunflowers, and realize I forgot to plant them. I think they are the happiest flower!

I also notice these strawberry flowers every year at the beginning of the Fall season. Talk about bold, vibrant colors!

Dahlias always get lots of oohs and aahs from passersby, especially these bouquets with their rich colors.

There was also a nice selection of ornamental pumpkins and gourds already, which really get you in the mood for fall.

Hope you found some inspiration this weekend too. Thank you for stopping by!

Art Cards – Autumn

When Michelle and I decided to make a set of art cards each week and share our tips and techniques on our blogs or Flickr, we agreed to exchange cards and a care package on the first day of each new season.

Here we are, welcoming Autumn. For my Autumn cards, I used that text layered technique once again, which I love so much. I ended up making two sets of these cards, one set for her and one for me.

I also illustrated a new set of cards for the week, as we welcomed the first day of Autumn.

We’ve been embracing Autumn with an exhilarating hike, our first fire in the fireplace, a pumpkin-flavored latte, a juicy crop of honey crisp apples, beautiful fall flowers, and some illustrations to capture these moments.

Autumn Farmers Market

Happy day – This is the first Saturday I’ve had off in over two months.

Since we haven’t been to farmer’s market since the 4th of July weekend, we’ve been looking forward to this day all week.

I  knew there would be a variety of colors to admire.

That’s the beauty of Autumn – colors and surprises.

Some of my favorite flowers are the daisies, sunflowers, asters and mums we see more of this time of year.

I always forget to plant sunflowers, so I have greater appreciation for them at the end of the gardening season. They are so majestic, aren’t they?!

I love the tranquil charm of Autumn’s harvest, from the varieties of squash to mini pumpkins to varieties of gourds.

I also love the vivid colors we see in Fall flowers.

It makes me happy to be able to enjoy my favorite day of the week, and to find this much inspiration for art projects and drawing practice.

Fall in Our Gardens

I haven’t shared many pictures of our gardens lately, so I thought today would be a good time, while we still have a little greenery left before winter strikes.

It’s fall around here, so the foliage is changing but not many things are blooming.

We bought a mum to add some color to our patio. I love the warm rich colors of mums.

In my part of the world, the temperatures are getting colder, so plant life is going dormant to survive the winter. I did find a few plants that typically bloom in summer that decided to bloom again this fall.

Up until last weekend, we have had an unusually warm, sunny fall, so I suppose some plants got a second wind.

The sun shining today for the first time in at least four days, so just looking at these colorful pictures is a treat! Hope you enjoyed it too.