Fall in Our Gardens

I haven’t shared many pictures of our gardens lately, so I thought today would be a good time, while we still have a little greenery left before winter strikes.

It’s fall around here, so the foliage is changing but not many things are blooming.

We bought a mum to add some color to our patio. I love the warm rich colors of mums.

In my part of the world, the temperatures are getting colder, so plant life is going dormant to survive the winter. I did find a few plants that typically bloom in summer that decided to bloom again this fall.

Up until last weekend, we have had an unusually warm, sunny fall, so I suppose some plants got a second wind.

The sun shining today for the first time in at least four days, so just looking at these colorful pictures is a treat! Hope you enjoyed it too.

14 thoughts on “Fall in Our Gardens

  1. It is still 80s down here and we had rain the last couple of days. Now it is humid. I wish it would just BE fall already! Your yard is wonderful;)

  2. Hello Terri! Lovely photos! Finally Autumn came also here, today strong wind, rain, dark clouds but still quite warm.
    Best wishes Teje

  3. Mums are awesome, aren’t they? They’re so hardy, and it seems they’re one of the last bits of floral color around the autumn season. I have one, too, and it’s at full bloom, so the gentle, sweet scent is finally released! It’s lovely!

    Great pictures, Terri! I posted fall foliage, too!! It took all morning to upload them. I only posted about a half of what I took, but they trees were just so brilliant… (sigh)… I love fall!!

  4. Great photos! All our leaves have changed colors already, and yesterday we had nasty wind storms that just knocked them all off the trees. I had been thinking about putting up some lovely autumn color pictures of my land… but that’s what I get for procrastinating!

    So instead, I’ll just hang out and enjoy your photos some more 🙂

    ~ Meagan

  5. Pretty pretty!! I feel like winter is never going to hit here! We’re up at 87 again today! Your mum made me smile because the neighborhood kids “punk’d” my mailbox with grass last week and brought me mum blossoms (in that color!) to make up for it! Enjoy the last of your warmth 🙂

  6. Mums come in so many vibrant colors. They are all pretty. I think are weather is still trying to decide what to do. We have a few cool days then 70’s and 80’s agin. My daughter had just called to tell me it was very strange weather and it needed to decide what to do. She said this morning to go to work she put on her long slevee shirt for it was in the 4o’s, now its in the 80’s, and she had to change to a t-shirt. I like cooler weather but not freezing cold. I’ll be happy to see the 60’s all day. Thats nice. Our fall is here also. Our leaves are all falling and are such beautiful colors. Great football weather.

  7. Your rain must have come my way. It’s been gloomy all week here so thank you for sharing some color. I really love the mums and am thinking I need to get some flowers on my porch now to brighten things up. Hope you’re having a good week. 🙂

  8. Hello Terri,

    Thanks for sharing your garden. I would love all those leaves for my compost bin!!! Isn’t nature wonderful adjusting to the weather.

    Happy days.

  9. Thanks for sharing pictures of your garden Terri – isn’t it great that there are still blooms and splashes of colour to be found. Your mum is a gorgeous colour. There are a few leaves hanging on for dear life around here but I think my next weekend is going to be spent raking them all up :0)

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