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Scrappy Notebook Cover – Part 2

I carry a notebook with me at all times. Ideas pop into my head that I need to remember. I have found a certain style of notebook that works well for me, so I stocked up on a couple more. But the covers weren’t very pretty or stylish. I have wanted to make notebook covers for awhile, and the latest scrap challenge was a great opportunity.

The first notebook cover I made was hard for me to make, conceptually. I am a color-in-the-lines kind of gal, so making a scrappy log cabin blocks with unmatching fabrics forced me to stretch my imagination. I like how that scrappy block and linen notebook cover turned out so much that I needed another one.

I cut the rest of my scraps into 1″ strips and sewed them together. Then I cut that block in half and sewed it to the cover of a brown corduroy notebook cover.

I also used a larger piece of the scrap fabric I contributed for the inside lining.

I think I like this one even better, but that’s probably because the actual cover fits the notebook better.

Looks like I found another good way to use scraps and “color outside the lines.”

Scrap Challenge – Notebook Cover

Besides another deadline I wanted to finish a few days early tonight, I told myself I wanted to finish making my contribution today for the scrap challenge sponsored by JC handmade. When the package of scraps first arrived a couple weeks ago, I was a little stumped. The pieces were so much smaller than I anticipated.

For a few days I watched the photo pool on Flickr to see what other people were creating. Some scrappy projects were very cool, innovative, and artsy, like art you hang on the wall in your living room. I was so inspired! I knew I wanted to make a notebook cover, since I’m always carrying around a notebook to jot down ideas and inspirations (hence the name of my blog: terrisnotebook).

So last night I made my first log cabin block, sewed it to a piece of linen, and did some simple quilting in the ditch. I ran out of time, so today, I whizzed home on my lunch hour to finish it, which I did! I think it turned out quite cute. It was a last-minute project on the fly (meaning I didn’t measure and cut too precisely), so my notebook didn’t quite fit but I just trimmed the cardboard covers to make it work. Both the front and back have pockets to hold extra notes.

It was a good challenge for me to participate in because I have a growing stack of scraps I really want to use. I might keep going with the log cabin blocks. They are fun, aren’t they? Especially when you don’t have a deadline, real or self-imposed.

Sunday’s List

Today’s list includes finishing several projects:

Lots and lots of bulbs to plant. I got a pile of crocuses, hyacinth, anemones and more – all early bloomers. I love seeing the early bulbs coming in March, when there’s still snow around here, yet we are yearning to get out in the garden.

Lots of leaves to rake. We don’t have a lot of trees in our yard that drop too many leaves, but there’s a pretty big pile in the front to rake (and then jump in!).

A sewing project to finish. I can’t say much more about it just yet. But it’s pretty and exciting. I promise.

Finish making my contribution to the scrap challenge, sponsored by JCasa:Handmade. I have my project cut out, and just need a few minutes to assemble it. I’m excited for this one too!

A knitting project (or two) to work on when I have a few spare minutes. I doubt I will have time to finish either of these knitting projects (scarf and fingerless gloves), but it doesn’t hurt to add these to the list.

My to-do lists are usually overly ambitious, but I love having Sundays to work on all these home and craft projects. I have a busy day ahead so I better get going. Hope you have a great day!