Updates – Seeds and Sea Glass

I often forget to update you on an idea for a new project I wanted to try, so today I’m excited to give you a couple updates.

I wanted to show you how well my seed growing experiment is coming along.

Those morning glory seeds sprouted the very next day after I planted them! I swear, I didn’t put steroids in their soil. Everything else is sprouting too, and it’s fun to watch the different pace of each plant.

I wanted to share with you my jewelry-making experiment with the pendants I made from sea glass and wire.

I used this tutorial and this article for inspiration and guidance. I used these tools: a wire cutter, a round-nose pliers and a flat nose pliers, which are vital to jewelry making.

I also used these supplies: wire in 20-gauge and 26-gauge, and jump rings to hang the wrapped pendant from a chain or leather cord. I wish I could have found a gauge of wire in between these two, such as a 24-gauge, but the stores I looked at didn’t have that size in silver, so made it work with what I had in my stash.

It feels great to make progress on both of these experiments and to be able to share updates with you!

I Love Sea Glass

I have always wanted to find a piece of sea glass on the beach. I’ve been saving an old issue of this magazine because it has a great article about sea glass, and because I adore the blue and green color palettes of the coastal decorating styles featured.

I was chatting with a friend at school recently about sea glass. Turns out he had buckets of it at home from frequent trips to the Bahamas.

He brought me a jar full of these treasures! I am planning to make a wire-wrapped pendant with some of the loveliest pieces.

I’m still hoping to find a piece of sea glass myself someday, but this is almost as good.