Updates – Seeds and Sea Glass

I often forget to update you on an idea for a new project I wanted to try, so today I’m excited to give you a couple updates.

I wanted to show you how well my seed growing experiment is coming along.

Those morning glory seeds sprouted the very next day after I planted them! I swear, I didn’t put steroids in their soil. Everything else is sprouting too, and it’s fun to watch the different pace of each plant.

I wanted to share with you my jewelry-making experiment with the pendants I made from sea glass and wire.

I used this tutorial and this article for inspiration and guidance. I used these tools: a wire cutter, a round-nose pliers and a flat nose pliers, which are vital to jewelry making.

I also used these supplies: wire in 20-gauge and 26-gauge, and jump rings to hang the wrapped pendant from a chain or leather cord. I wish I could have found a gauge of wire in between these two, such as a 24-gauge, but the stores I looked at didn’t have that size in silver, so made it work with what I had in my stash.

It feels great to make progress on both of these experiments and to be able to share updates with you!

13 thoughts on “Updates – Seeds and Sea Glass

  1. I emailed this post to my husband because it looks strikingly similar to an “Andrew” weekend. Sweet seedlings. Pretty jewelry for me (made by him, of course) and happy happy happy! Now you just have to put on one of those pretty pendants and go munch on some snap peas (cucumbers?) in a few weeks!

  2. Oh wow, love seeing the pendants you made…I will have to check out those links since I have all the tools and materials myself…but I’m very unskilled with them…LOL! I hope your growing experiments will continue as well, I love gardening and just seeing all my pots with seedlings these days too. It’s such a joy to see something growing from a seed 🙂

  3. Morning glories are such amazing flowers:) Love ’em! Are you joining in Laundry on the Line (Andi’s blog)? She is doing a series on gardening that she started up yesterday. I will be posting some of my newly planted strawberries and a tomato plant on my blog soon.

    Your jewelry talent is taking off Terri:) Gorgeous stuff!

  4. Hello Terri! It’s always so exiting to see something growing from the seeds! Your jeweleries are really beautiful! xxx Teje

  5. Your pendants came out great – you must be very happy with them. How amazing are those seeds – are you sure you didn’t slip them a little grow more lol – it’s so much fun to watch new shoots appearing and growing bigger and stronger day by day – it’s one of my favourite parts of gardening – tending my babies :0)

  6. I have always wanted to try wire wrapping with Mark’s fused glass pendants. I have the supplies, but to this point haven’t given it a try. Maybe I will just get out that wire and the cutters one of these days…

  7. Seedlings are so amazing! They bend toward the light just like they’re blowing in the wind.
    I’ve done wire wrapping but yours looks much better than mine! It’s a nice compliment for the glass.

  8. Hello Terri,

    Jack and the beanstalk must have been your favourite book when you were younger or else you really do have green fingers,please check them.

    The pendants are so stunning, I think you have done a wonderful job and must be so proud of them.

    Happy creating.

  9. Hi, every time i check in i go down memory lane..morning glory,they are so pretty, we brought some seeds back but they never grew..but our cactus plants have hung on for 10 years!! Do you think we get sea glass here?..sorry if thats a daft question!

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