Thankful Thursday – February is almost here

I am happy today because February is almost here!  I’m not one to wish time away, and you will never (hopefully) hear me say I will do something tomorrow, especially if I can do it today.  I’m very much a “today, in-the-moment” kind of person.

cold outside

January is a tough month to get through.  The holiday preparations and celebrations are over, and there’s still a couple more months of winter.  We have had such a cold and kind of gray month around here.  I seem to be noticing and cherishing days that are sunny, those with completely clear blue skies – they have not been the norm lately.  When they do occur, I want to run outside and capture them with my camera!  One day last week, I stood outside watching the birds flutter around from tree to tree with a gorgeous blue sky in the background.

blue skies in January

But then again, those sunny days tend to be even colder because they are clear and dry.

cold and snowy yard

I have certainly found ways to keep busy during the month of January, with sewing, and design class, and knitting and movies, but I am thankful we only have a couple days left until February arrives.  I am ready for some fresh air, brighter, warmer days, and maybe even some snowshoeing and skiing… in between all my hobbies.

Thankful Thursday – Losing-Yourself-Moments

Ever have those moments when you lose track of time and lose yourself in what you’re doing?  I don’t have those moments too often over the course of an average work day (probably because it’s WORK), but when I’m sewing or learning about art, you might as well come and get me a couple hours later.

In my design class, we are learning very basic elements of design, beginning with lines.  This week we had to have 14 pages of different lines drawn, one type of line per page.  Like I said, very basic, which is good for me!  It was a fun exercise to open up my mind.

line library2

Then in our next class, we had to CUT UP those pages of lines and make a collage onto a black 15×20 art board.  Oh my, CUT UP my line masterpieces?!  Gasp!  Make a collage?  Can you believe I’ve never made a collage before?  For the rest of the class, roughly two hours, I lost myself in cutting up my line drawings to assemble a collage.  I’m not finished yet but just thinking about it makes me smile.

my line collage

We also have to draw three pages of examples of lines in everyday life, which I’m really excited about.  I’m curious, what lines do you see in your life today?

Thankful Thursday – Creativity

This is going to sound corny but I’m having a hard time narrowing down what to focus on today to be thankful for!  I am thankful for many of the obvious things, but today, I am thankful for having an inside job, considering the high temperature around here is supposed to be MINUS 15 with a wind chill of MINUS 30-40!

Enough about the weather.  Seriously, I am thankful for the inspiration all around me.  First, I am thankful for the wonderful Creative Series Holly is starting over at decor8.  Holly is going to coach participants on getting our creative juices flowing, figure out what we love to do, and help us do some mind mapping, starting with recalling what we loved to do as a kid.  I am so excited for this series – the timing seems perfect and I love the direction Holly is giving!

Artful BLogging magazine

I am also thankful I found the courage this week to stick with my design class.  Yes, I know, it just started and I’ve only been to two sessions so far. I have been feeling so intimidated by everyone else’s artistic backgrounds that I wanted to drop it and take a more informal one or two day design or drawing class. (note to self: Procrastination is a no-no in 2009!)  However, that’s why I’m in the class, right?!  To learn and expand my horizons outside of the corporate environment.

my line library

We have to develop a line library, meaning we have to practice drawing different types of linear and curving lines, one style per sheet.  Seems pretty basic right?  But it’s so much more than that! This exercise really forced me to open up my mind. I kept thinking of the lines you see in quilting, but I also thought of stripes, plaids, zig zags, perforations, blades of grass, even spaghetti.  Oh yea, and I got to use some of those cool artist tools I just bought!

PS – Dave is going to show me some drawing tips this weekend. He’s had a lot more art than I have.  And then I’m going to SEW… A LOT!

Thankful Thursday – Before Dark

I want to be thankful more than just on Thanksgiving. I want to be thankful more often, so maybe Thursdays sound good. I read about the idea at Staci’s Notebook, a great blog I discovered recently. The idea is to dedicate Thursday’s post to highlight things you are thankful for.  I like the routine of doing that throughout the year, not just at Thanksgiving or during the holiday season. Sort of like stopping to smell the roses.

Today I am thankful I was able to make it home before dark, just barely!  I don’t do well being cooped up in a cubicle all day, so this was a BIG deal for me.

home before darkOn the other side of our yard was the moon rising in a deepening blue sky.

moon on the riseI know, these aren’t the best shots because I was in a hurry to capture, I mean enjoy, the moment!

I am also thankful that one of my college roommates reached out to me today! We lived together for four-plus years in college, and then sort of stayed in touch for a few years. But it’s been six years since I’ve heard from her, so seeing an email from her in my inbox this morning was wonderful! I am thankful for those everlasting female relationships that can be re-kindled after life has gotten in the way for a few years.

What are you thankful for today or this week?