Thankful Thursday – February is almost here

I am happy today because February is almost here!  I’m not one to wish time away, and you will never (hopefully) hear me say I will do something tomorrow, especially if I can do it today.  I’m very much a “today, in-the-moment” kind of person.

cold outside

January is a tough month to get through.  The holiday preparations and celebrations are over, and there’s still a couple more months of winter.  We have had such a cold and kind of gray month around here.  I seem to be noticing and cherishing days that are sunny, those with completely clear blue skies – they have not been the norm lately.  When they do occur, I want to run outside and capture them with my camera!  One day last week, I stood outside watching the birds flutter around from tree to tree with a gorgeous blue sky in the background.

blue skies in January

But then again, those sunny days tend to be even colder because they are clear and dry.

cold and snowy yard

I have certainly found ways to keep busy during the month of January, with sewing, and design class, and knitting and movies, but I am thankful we only have a couple days left until February arrives.  I am ready for some fresh air, brighter, warmer days, and maybe even some snowshoeing and skiing… in between all my hobbies.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – February is almost here

  1. You are so right. Although February is rather miserable around here too. March is what I’m REALLY looking forward to (although I feel guilty about “wishing my life away” as my mom would say).

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