Thrifty Thursday

More treasures from the thrift store:

I found another silver tray – this one is about 8 inches wide. It’s great to have a smaller size than the more common dinner plate size.

I also found a couple more little Beatrix Potter books to add to my collection.

A unique glass canister for storing coffee beans.

And a unique, retro water glass just for fun.

I spent $4.25 and rounded up to $5.00 for charity.

Random Thursday

I’ve been keeping busy this week with a nice mix of design projects and internship work, but I’ve also been feeling quiet around here. That seems like a perfect opportunity to do a Random Thursday post.


Our peonies are in full bloom.

peony shrub

We’ve had baked potatoes for dinner every Sunday night for the past few months. (Dave makes the entire meal.) We smother them with steamed broccoli, ham and cheese. They’re so yummy!

baked potato dinner

I had a really awesome burger with sweet potato chips for lunch with my boss Jen while we talked business and design. The burger was good but the sweet potato chips were my favorite part.

burger and sweet potato chips

Callie caught a fly in the house and had to guard it for awhile.

callie and her fly

I’m loving new songs by the Deftones and Nine Inch Nails.

cool sky

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Really Random Thursday – Wine, Cats, and Hostas

I’ve been keeping busy working on several freelance graphic design projects this week, so I haven’t ventured out too much.

Live A Colorful Life

I had to run a few errands, so I picked up some wine for dinner. I love red wine. But I’m picky about it. It has to come from South America or Australia to be good in my book. I admit that I bought this bottle because I loved the label. And now I love this wine. Some of their other labels are equally as beautiful.

Speaking of graphic design and wine, I came across this cool sign for a wine shop and bar during my recent field trip. I can’t help but notice cool typography these days!

Callie our calico cat loves to lay in the tray on our ottoman which we use as a coffee table. She barely fits, but I don’t think she really cares.

We enjoyed one of my favorite meals this week, seafood primavera.

I love a good bloody mary. But I am picky about them too. It’s such a rare bonus when they come with meat and cheese sticks.

My mom has a beautiful garden that is quite different from ours.

Her backyard has a lot more shade, making you feel like you’re in a clearing in the woods. She has a cool variety of hostas.

Be sure to check out Cindy‘s blog for more random goodness.

Hope you’re having a good week. Thank you for stopping by!

Really Random Thursday, 1st Edition

My friend Cindy does a post every Thursday where she shares random things from her week. She is starting a linky party. I’m going to join the party but this will be hard for me. I’m not good with random posts. I usually need a theme to focus on.

Live A Colorful Life

We haven’t had any measurable rain in about two months, and it’s been scorching hot around here lately, so our grass is quite brown. It will turn green as soon as we get some rain, but for now, things are very dry. We are now watering our trees at night, in addition to our other plants, because they are starting to drop leaves.

In spite of the dryness and heat, our lilies are still blooming.

My husband brought home S’mores ice cream for me, which I eat by the spoonful right out of the pint container. It requires a lot of discipline to not eat the entire pint in one sitting.

We watched the movie Haywire earlier this week. It reminded me of a Jason Bourne-type of movie, but instead of Jason Bourne as the main character, it was a female black ops agent played by Gina Carano. I learned that she is a kickboxing (MMA) champion, thus super tough.

A heavy metal band I like called In This Moment came out with a new song called “Blood.” I love their new video. Warning: not for the faint at heart.

I watched the Edge of the Earth documentary this week about a music video that was shot north of the Arctic Circle. It was really interesting to learn more about the ice melt in that part of the world, and to see the beautiful scenery.

I love taking pictures of cool storm clouds. Too bad these clouds just had thunder in them.

Hope you’re having a good week. Thanks for stopping by!