Winter Wallop

These were excerpts from yesterday’s local weather forecast:

Residents are preparing for another winter wallop. (love that wording!) 

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for most parts of southern Wisconsin on Thursday evening.

Thursday night will be cloudy and windy with snow developing.  The snow might be heavy at times and isolated thunderstorms are possible.

 … blowing and drifting snow is possible. Total snow accumulations will hover been 6 to 12 inches.

Here is what actually happened:

snowed-in patio tableI guess I won’t be dining alfresco for awhile, which I really love doing.  That looks like a good 12 inches, doesn’t it?!

dave blowing snowDave was having fun with his new snowblower, but he’s happy to be thawing out now.

snowy treesThe spruce trees hold the snowy frosting well.

snowy greeneryWe have better curb appeal now with the snow dusting our Christmas greenery.

I love winter but so far, I’m happy to watch the magic of snow turn the outdoors into a winter wonderland from the warmth of my cozy house.

Not Ready Yet

We had a full day of snow last weekend, and now it’s snowing again.  We’re supposed to get several inches today, but I’m just not ready yet for a snowy winter.  Maybe it’s because we recently had a fabulous ten-day vacation in the City.  Maybe it’s because I’m recovering from a cold, so I don’t have the energy to shovel or play in the snow.

it's snowingI am starting to get excited for the Christmas season, for baking, decorating and giving.  We have started our Advent calendar and bought a pretty poinsettia for a centerpiece on the kitchen table.  I love the red and green colors that decorate this time of year.

I am also looking forward to seeing the blue lights illuminating our trees outside. I love how mystical blue lights look with the glistening white snow, especially at dusk when the world rests in a blue calm.

early snowDave, on the other hand, is quite excited for lots of snow because he got a new toy!

Dave unpacking his new toyHe’s never been a winter person, although since we met he does like going skiing and snowshoeing.

Dave's new toy!

Apparently now he’s ready for a big storm!

I hope you are enjoying the warmth and coziness of nestling in this time of year.