Design Projects on Typeface

In my design class, we worked on several projects related to the study of typography and fonts.  I think I have always taken fonts for granted because I use Microsoft Word a lot, so I learned a lot about letters in this section of our class.

Our first project was to pick six word pairs that are opposite each other, and then choose a font that portrays those words and contrasts each other.

word pairs study(so many fonts to choose from!)

Our next project was to pick one letter from a couple fonts – I chose a “T” in Esprit Bold – and render it in six ways: black letter on white background, white letter on black background, enlarge a portion of the letter, take apart the letter and reassemble (I did a mosaic with shiny paper), experiment with texture (I used gold embossed paper on maroon velvety paper), and 6-experiment with color (I used green grass on camoflauge paper).

Letterform Study

(letter forms all mixed up!)

Our last project was to think of a word we could portray graphically and render that using any media.  I chose the word “Stitch” and rendered it using needle and thread in the Justine font on a quilted background.

Stitch word play

(“Stitch” word play)

It’s so fun being able to combine my writing and sewing experiences for this design class!  I am also loving learning how to think outside the box with these projects.

Our next section was Value, so I will share pictures of how we designed with value in mind.