Design Projects on Typeface

In my design class, we worked on several projects related to the study of typography and fonts.  I think I have always taken fonts for granted because I use Microsoft Word a lot, so I learned a lot about letters in this section of our class.

Our first project was to pick six word pairs that are opposite each other, and then choose a font that portrays those words and contrasts each other.

word pairs study(so many fonts to choose from!)

Our next project was to pick one letter from a couple fonts – I chose a “T” in Esprit Bold – and render it in six ways: black letter on white background, white letter on black background, enlarge a portion of the letter, take apart the letter and reassemble (I did a mosaic with shiny paper), experiment with texture (I used gold embossed paper on maroon velvety paper), and 6-experiment with color (I used green grass on camoflauge paper).

Letterform Study

(letter forms all mixed up!)

Our last project was to think of a word we could portray graphically and render that using any media.  I chose the word “Stitch” and rendered it using needle and thread in the Justine font on a quilted background.

Stitch word play

(“Stitch” word play)

It’s so fun being able to combine my writing and sewing experiences for this design class!  I am also loving learning how to think outside the box with these projects.

Our next section was Value, so I will share pictures of how we designed with value in mind.

10 thoughts on “Design Projects on Typeface

  1. This was so interesting…I think if I could start my schooling all over again I would do something in design or textiles rather than what I did…English…although I love to read and write as well…there are so many wonderful things to learn!

  2. Oooh I like the Vintage font.
    I am one of those font freaks that downloads a million different font styles.
    It looks like your class is fun. I thought my blogging course would be interesting but it’s not as fun when you have to blog about things you don’t really want to. 😦

  3. This is so much fun! I don’t think we’ll be talking about type in any of my classes this quarter, but there is a typography course that I have been eyeing and this is making me want to take it even more. Very cool! Thanks for posting this!

  4. I love seeing your class projects. I know it’s ton of work for you, but lots of fun for us! Thanks for sharing. By the way, you inspired me to subscribe to “Sew Hip” and I love it!

  5. I’m so envious of you (BUT mostly HAPPY for you) that you are getting to do this… makes me miss my Design College days!

    These are great solutions to your “problems” assigned, BTW…


  6. What a cool project! I’m totally digging the fonts and I have the same fabric! I’m actually working on a bag right now using this print. Hopefully I’ll get it done by Saturday.

  7. Hi Terri,

    Thanks for the update. Mass chaos here. Sylvia is the proud Mother of a very small baby girl! We didn’t expect here to go this early. We are so happy for her.

    I really like the way you played and applied your quilting/sewing knowledge to the typo project. And the flower! Love it. Reminds me of a Hawaiian quilt I saw. Each square was a huge stitched flower. The quilt was only two colors.

    All for now…It’s Chad’s birthday!


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