Craft Night

The first Friday night of every month is craft night at my church, where everyone is welcome to use the big banquet tables in the fellowship area to spread out their craft projects, whether they are working on knitting, crochet, quilting, scrapbooking or painting.

Last Friday night, Rebecca was working on a scrapbook for her mother. She filled up several beautiful pages of memories from her mom’s life.

Aimee sorted her 2007 photographs and brainstormed ideas for a scrapbook of her daughters.

Kathi crocheted two dishcloths. (she is a fast crocheter)

I made these little journals, which I think will make cute gifts, and I finished sewing the binding on a quilt.

Mini journals

I was so inspired by Kathi’s quick and easy dishcloths that I made one tonight and started a second one. Instant satisfaction!

Easy dishcloths

Craft night is a great time to lose yourself in a project, socialize with your friends, brainstorm ideas with other creative people, and snack on chocolates, of course. I am already looking forward to next month’s get-together.

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