Signs of Early Autumn

I love Autumn! Who doesn’t? We’ve had some gorgeous sunny days with cooler evenings, so I can feel Autumn in the air. I’m not looking forward to winter, even though I love snowy days and skiing, but I have been looking for signs that Autumn is here.

Last weekend we bought some mums, and so far only the red ones are starting to bloom. I love mums because they are the flower for November (my birthday month).

I came across two recipes that scream autumn that I can’t wait to try – squash and potato torte and zucchini pie. That means a trip to the farmers market, where I’m sure there will be more signs of Autumn.

Our garden is exploding with tomatoes-

We went for a hike on Saturday and enjoyed a cool sunny day on the trails.

Not too many leaves were changing colors, but we did find these burning Sumac leaves-

and these wildflowers, which I think are called Yarrow-

and these Rudbekia sunflowers.

I love looking down the trail, trying to find color changes as the season progresses.

So far the trail still looks very green, but it’s bordered by a grove of Aspens on the right, which means it will show signs of Autumn soon with those notorious golden yellow leaves.

What signs of Autumn are you seeing?

3 thoughts on “Signs of Early Autumn

  1. to answer your question, we have a lot of trees whose leaves are already changing. gorgeous tones of red and orange! oh, and when i stepped outside this morning, it even SMELLED like fall…. 🙂 i love it – it’s my fav time of the year.

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