Field Notes: Late Summer at the Farmers Market

Seen at our farmers market these days: Peppers, tomatoes, fingerling potatoes, and the most vibrant colors of flowersIMG_1514 tomatoes and peppers at farmers marketchili pepper strings at farmers market

fingerling potatoes

late August flowers at farmers market

stunning bouquet at farmers market

flowers at farmers market

Of course, there’s always a usual huge selection of cheese, popcorn, honey and bakery to drool over too. But I’m usually attracted to the flowers – I want all of them but I never buy any; just take lots of pictures. Hope you’re out enjoying these last couple weeks of summer!


Field Notes: First Farmers Market in July

The first farmers market of July was a fun way to start our Saturday – full of people of all colors, sizes and shapes; bakery, produce, plants and flowers. We usually have more fun people-watching the crowds and bringing home pictures. It’s always refreshing to see buckets and buckets of bouquets!farmers market flowers

farmers market flower bouquets

farmers market buckets of flowers

farmers market buckets of flowers farmers market  red dahlias farmers market pink dahliasfarmers market lilyfarmers market donutOh yeah, and a donut for Dave!

Hope you’re making time to go outside and enjoy summer!



Flowers Flowers Flowers!

From our gardens throughout our backyard to the greenhouse to the farmers market to the botanical gardens to the florist section at the grocery store, there are flowers everywhere these days!


botanical garden flower collageIMG_0594 IMG_0591IMG_0579


IMG_5599 IMG_5579 IMG_5560IMG_0558

I have a feeling the abundance of flowers is just going to grow even more in July!


It’s Fall At the Market

There’s always lots of cheese and bakery at the farmers market from spring to fall, but I love seeing the variety of flowers and produce, especially as the crops change through the seasons. This time of year, the flowers and bouquets are so vibrant! And the harvest crops produce fun shapes, colors and textures.

sunflowers at the market flowers at the market

bouquets at the market bouquets at the market bouquets at the market cockscomb flowers at the market

celosia intenz at the market tomatoes at the market

mini pumpkins at the market indian corn at the market gourds at the marketHope you enjoyed some adventures this weekend.



Signs of Spring: Farmers Market Opener

Our farmers market opened this weekend. That’s a sure sign that spring is here. We went early this time, and it was still a little chilly.

Weekend Postcard 1st farmers market

The first market of the season doesn’t usually have a lot of produce, but there’s always bakery, coffee and cheese to sample.

cow cookies

These cow cookies always make me smile.

monster cookies

We always buy two monster cookies from the Amish farmer. They are SO scrumptious!

cheese curds

It was refreshing to see the perennials and herbs available this early.

early pansies

early geraniums

early geraniums

early dahlias

early dahlia

It was wonderful to see so many pops of color and soak up fresh air and warm sunshine all weekend. Hope you enjoyed a nice spring weekend too.


Farmers Market – Fall Harvest

We got up early on Saturday morning and ventured to the farmers market, where we found a wonderful fall harvest of goodies. We really lucked out with gorgeous fall weather too.

capital at farmers marketThere were so many colorful varieties of crops.

colorful tomatoes

colorful peppers

colorful carrots

colorful pumpkins

colorful gourds

We saw lots of fingerling potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet corn, apples, and watermelon.

sunflower bouquets

We also saw the usual: cheese, bakery, honey, and flowers. The dahlias were stunning!


dahlia bouquets

red dahlia

I saw a couple new ways people are displaying their crops at the market, from this giant basket of lettuce,

lettuce basket

to these silver platters to show apples.silver platter of apples

My favorite finds were pumpkin scones, pumpkin cookies, apple cider donuts and applesauce.

This particular market really got me in the mood for the fall season, and some fall cooking and baking, which I haven’t been doing much lately. Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday Adventures: Farmers Market

We went to farmers market this weekend for the first time in about a month. It was really crowded so we didn’t buy much – a donut, monster cookies from an Amish family, a small bag of kettle corn, and a pepper plant for our kitchen.

pepper plant

community garden

late summer flowers

late summer bouquets



Saturday is my favorite day of the week, so I love it when we go out exploring, especially into the urban neighborhoods. It was a beautiful day, so after farmers market, we had an early lunch and sat at the sidewalk tables for a couple hours, talking and people-watching.

brunch from Ian's pizza

On Sunday, I had a wonderful chat with my cousin, which turned into a great brainstorming conversation, venting session, and general catching up. I spent the rest of the day working on a new illustrated map for work. I’m really into maps and designing them, so this is a great project for me. I have to design a map that will showcase the neighborhood and community around an upscale apartment building.

map of middleton

Finding the right map source for reference (such as the above example), getting the perspective, grid of streets and major landmarks are usually the hardest steps for me. Once that is done, I can work on the fun stuff – the illustrations and icons. Since this map needs to feature things to do in the community, my next step is to design some icons as markers.

Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by,


Field Trip: Exploring at Farmers Market

Sometimes my blog content is dictated by the pictures I’ve taken lately. I never remember to take pictures of us or the group we’re with, which would be nice to share with you sometime. Instead, my focus was on the hunt for more creative shots.

Last weekend, we had a wonderful time at the farmers market with my in-laws, who were visiting from NYC for the week. There’s always lots of bakery, meats, and cheese, but this time of year we found raspberries, beans, beets, cauliflower, and salad greens. I hear sweet corn and cherries should be ready soon.

A tower of wax beans

tower of wax beans

Some of the most lovely flower combinations I’ve seen, with this variety that looks hand-painted or tye-dyed

pink and yellow flowers

Flowers displayed in some cool wood crates (which I have a hard time finding)

flowers in a crate

Lilies, favorites for my sister-in-law

lilies in a crate

It was great to see how well the community garden is thriving these days.

capitol community garden

We stopped by the Children’s Museum, since it’s right next to the market, so everyone could get a sneak peak at one of my internships this summer. Dave relaxed on one of the dinosaur seats in the lobby.

Dave on a dinosaur

Life is crazy busy these days with all my graphic design gigs, which is a good thing. But it’s really great to have some down time to go out exploring. I’m already looking forward to exploring at the annual Art Fair on the Square around the Capitol Square next weekend. Thanks for stopping by!