Photo Participation

Randi at i have to say… challenged fellow bloggers to post pictures today so we could all see what our blogging friends look like. Here are a few pictures of me from the weekend:

Shortening my pants with my side-kick Callie (yes, I lead an exciting life!)

Shopping at the Farmers Market for my favorite granola

Enjoying the last day of summer on the patio with a project that I will share in a future post.

There you have it, that was my weekend and that’s what I look like.

2 thoughts on “Photo Participation

  1. Yeah! You posted! You look different that I thought you would. Not sure why…

    How cute you are!

    I love homemade granola. A friend and I were going to do a booth at the farmer’s market selling fresh ground wheat flour, bread mixes and homemade granola, but we couldn’t get things together before summer started. Maybe next year!

    I am glad you played along!

  2. How cute you are, and the cat too. I have not made it to the farmer’s market all summer. Looks like this year is a bust. Last year I made it a couple of times

    Your foot stool tutorial looks good. Nice job.

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