Felting is Fun

The only thing I did not get to on my weekend list was to spend an hour at the local yarn shop. Instead, I finished a felting project at home. I fell in love with felting a couple years ago. In fact, it was on my list of New Year’s resolutions for 2007 to learn something new, like felting.

I knitted two of these oven mitts from the pattern “Out of the Frying Pan” by Amy E. Anderson with Ella Rae yarn by Classic Elite. Very easy pattern to follow (even for beginning knitters), very nice yarn to knit with, and it felts great too.

And then I felted them, which calls for three cycles of agitation on my washing machine.

I just love how these oven mitts turned out!

Next step – embellishment, which I did with a little embroidery stitching.

I make these felted oven mitts as gifts quite often. I made a pair of forest green mitts embellished with daisy stitches using variegated thread as a gift for my sister. This pair might be for my mom’s birthday coming up soon. She’s a very patriotic person, so I thought the red and blue mitts with white stars would be festive. Next on my list should be a pair of felted oven mitts for us to use in our kitchen.

6 thoughts on “Felting is Fun

  1. I love these mitts, Terri. The embellishment is the cat’s pajamas. Isn’t it funny how we create for others, but our own homes are sometimes lacking? My mom and my sisters have lovely pot holders compliments of me. My potholders are in a state of disrepair. In fact, I burned a hole in my best one just tonight. I forgot the burner was hot and set it on top of the stove while I was getting potatoes out of the oven. Not my best move, for sure. Maybe would should both decided to create something for our own homes. I will if you will….

  2. Great mitts.

    I’m just learning how to felt. What a great technique and there are so many wonderful patterns for felting projects out there too.

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