Six-Word Memoir

In last week’s design class, we began our study of typography.  We had to create our own six-word memoir, which we used to practice hand lettering.  The memoir idea is based on an NPR Talk of the Nation series.  We were asked to write a story of our own life in six words.  Sounds hard, doesn’t it?  You should try it sometime because it’s actually quite fun!

winter contemplation2

Naturally, I made a word list, which is always a great place to start a writing challenge.  I thought about the description of an ISFP, my personality trait defined by the Myers Briggs personality test.  It says I’m a quiet, artistic, loyal, individualistic, sensitive person who lives for the present moment.  Here’s what I came up with

“Quiet individual creating in the moment.” 

I spent in class measuring out the baseline, the x-height and the ascender lines, and then figuring out how to fit everything evenly on one page.  My spacing ended up being far from perfect, but I usually write in messy cursive writing, so this was hard. 

winter contemplation

On the drive home from class, I thought of another six-word memoir:

     “Right-brain in left-brain job.”

I decided to stick to the original saying because I don’t want my job to define me, no matter what I do for a living!

What would your six-word memoir say?

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