Sunday Stash – Orange Dahlia

I found four more of the retro, organic prints in my stash from the Midwest Modern collection by Amy Butler.

AB-Midwest Modern in Orange dahlia

These are from the Orange Dahlia color palette, making me think of sherbet, further making me think of summer, which is a nice feeling after the snowy day we just had.  

Orange Dahlia patchwork

With these four fabrics, I have decided to do more patchwork bags, but I’m tweaking the size and shape into a slightly different style this time.


Share some of the fabrics from your stash by joining the Sunday Stash group.

Check out everyone else’s stash at the flickr group.  It’s fun to see the variety of fabrics out there, many of which I (one who collects fabrics) have not seen!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Stash – Orange Dahlia

  1. I still haven’t gotten any Midwest Modern 2. I have about 6 of the original Midwest Modern collection. but that’s it. I really like the colors though so maybe I need to go ahead and get some. 🙂

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