Sunday Stash – Color Wheel Bundle

Time to share from my stash.


I ordered this color wheel bundle when Joelle Hoverson’s patchwork book came out, thinking I would make her Color Wheel quilt.

colorwheel bundleI love staring at the color wheel, studying all the wonderful things you can do with it, and dreaming up project ideas.  I’m excited to take a color theory class to learn more about designing with color.

color wheel bundle on it's sideYou can see the fabulous selection of fabrics the ladies at Purl offer in this bundle, some you might recognize, some great choices to fill in the color slot.

color wheel fabricsI have always loved Katie’s colorway quilt, a coin quilt version of the color wheel.  Now I’m debating which version to make with my color wheel bundle, but I’m leaning toward the coin quilt version instead of the wheel. Isn’t it fun to dream?!

Share some of the fabrics from your stash by joining the Sunday Stash group.


Check out everyone else’s stash at the flickr group.  It’s fun to see the variety of fabrics out there, many of which I have not seen anywhere else.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Stash – Color Wheel Bundle

  1. How neat is that. I may have to get one of those bundles this summer. I have had the color wheel quilt on my to do list for awhile now but after seeing the coin one may go more in that direction.

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