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Sunday Stash – Need a New Shelf!

As soon as I saw a couple shops had received an early shipment of Innocent Crush quilting cottons, I placed my initial orders.

Two days later, these lovely fabrics arrived at my doorstep.

I love the youth and whimsy of the story behind the collection, something I always love learning from designers and makers. I love the vibrant color range. And I love the artsy-look of many of the prints because they don’t look so digital or computerized.

The voile, velveteen, and home decor prints aren’t due to be shipped until November. I think I’m going to need a new shelf in my sewing room for this collection!

From My Stash – Meadowsweet 2

I have tried to resist buying every new fabric collection this year. But there was something about Sandi Henderson‘s new Meadowsweet 2 collection that I loved, especially that print on the right with the mix of berry and salmon colors. They remind me of the fall colors we are starting to see as our gardens and landscapes change. I have always adored her Henna prints too (sneak peaks here in raspberry and grey).

I try not to blabber on too much around here about patchwork projects for my shop, but I’m so excited about all the new products I’ve been making lately.

I made several patchwork bags with these gorgeous fabrics, along with a few other fabrics from my stash just to stretch the stash further.

I thought a new party purse would be nice to offer. That’s the bag in the front of each of these photos.

I named it a party purse because everytime we go to a party or a concert or a festival, and I don’t want to carry my day purse, I end up filling my pockets and my husband’s pockets with my stuff! I really don’t like doing that, so I decided to make one to fit my needs, thinking there might be others out there with my same issues.

It measures about 10 inches wide and 6 inches tall, has a pocket inside to hide your id and money, and a strap for slinging over your shoulder, just long enough to tuck under your arm. Notice the little embroidery details? (see close-up here)

I also made new project bags (that’s the version in the back of these photos), similar to those clear plastic ones you get from quilt shops and quilt retreats, but prettier, in my opinion. I’m just saying.

These project bags measure about 10 inches wide and 7 inches tall, perfect to hold your needle case, scissors, hand sewing supplies, rotary cutter or whatever you travel with,  and have a pocket inside to store your small, loose items like a box of pins or stitch markers for knitting.

I am happy these are finally listed since I think they will be nice additions to my collection for Fall.

I used up almost all of these fat quarters, so I’m debating on whether I need to order a few more, you know, just in case another idea comes up. (wink wink)

Sunday Stash – Mystery Box

A mystery big box showed up on my door step recently. This is what I found inside.

Piles and piles of fabulous, beautiful Sis Boom fabrics from Jennifer!

My husband has claimed this print for a pillowcase he wants me to make for him.

In the meantime, I will be dreaming up ideas for the rest of these treasured additions to my stash. And, counting my lucky stars at having such a wonderful friend, who is also amazing fabric designer! Thank you, my friend!

Sunday Stash – Little Folks

I haven’t posted anything for the Sunday Stash show-and-tell in awhile.

I thought it would be fun to share my latest acquisitions.

It seems like these Little Folks voile fabrics are getting harder to find. Many shops are sold out of many prints, so I thought I should stock up on this set of fat quarters. I am thinking about making either simple patchwork quilt of squares pieced together and framed with a solid binding, or maybe I will get brave and make this dress pattern, but in a shorter length. I bet this stack would make another great dresden plate color wheel quilt too! Until then, I am going to enjoy just looking at this beautiful stack of fabrics.

Sunday Stash – The Garden

Time to share from my fabric stash.


I found this fabric on my shelves and remembered how much I loved it when I first purchased it. Designed by Felicity Miller, it reminds me of a painting. I especially like the whimsical feeling of this scene.

The Garden fabric

It’s planting season, one of my favorites times of year, so I feel like I need to use this fabric to make something garden-related. I don’t really want to cut it up for a patchwork project because there is so much charm in this print. I’m thinking about making the adorable Jane Market Bag by Alicia Paulson. I just need to find a couple more fabrics in my stash for the pockets, lining and handles. I’m sure I have something in my stash that will work.matching fabrics for market tote

This and all of my other sewing projects no longer have to wait because I finished my final projects for design class! You will find me in the sewing room or the garden from now on.

view of backyard

Share some of the fabrics from your stash by joining the Sunday Stash group.


Check out everyone else’s stash at the flickr group.  It’s fun to see the variety of fabrics out there, many of which are new to me.

Sunday Stash – Color Wheel Bundle

Time to share from my stash.


I ordered this color wheel bundle when Joelle Hoverson’s patchwork book came out, thinking I would make her Color Wheel quilt.

colorwheel bundleI love staring at the color wheel, studying all the wonderful things you can do with it, and dreaming up project ideas.  I’m excited to take a color theory class to learn more about designing with color.

color wheel bundle on it's sideYou can see the fabulous selection of fabrics the ladies at Purl offer in this bundle, some you might recognize, some great choices to fill in the color slot.

color wheel fabricsI have always loved Katie’s colorway quilt, a coin quilt version of the color wheel.  Now I’m debating which version to make with my color wheel bundle, but I’m leaning toward the coin quilt version instead of the wheel. Isn’t it fun to dream?!

Share some of the fabrics from your stash by joining the Sunday Stash group.


Check out everyone else’s stash at the flickr group.  It’s fun to see the variety of fabrics out there, many of which I have not seen anywhere else.

Sunday Stash – Garden Friends

Remember I was telling you recently I bought a few fat quarters from  Jay McCarroll‘s  Woodland Wonderland fabric collection?

I only bought five fat quarters from that collection, so I’m planning to make some drawstring bags for last-minute gift bags. 

There was a crazy bunny fabric and a couple other whacky critter fabrics in the Garden Friends collection, also designed by  from  Jay McCarroll, that looked fun. Plus I love the tomato prints and strawberry prints , so I did a little more fabric shopping.

garden friends fabrics

I will probably make more of those adorable drawstring bags, but I’m not sure yet what to make with the tomato or strawberry prints. Maybe a reversible market tote bag.

tomato and strawberry fabrics

Share some of the fabrics from your stash by joining the Sunday Stash group.


Check out everyone else’s stash at the flickr group.  It’s fun to see the variety of fabrics out there, many of which I have not seen anywhere else.

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