Sunday Stash – The Garden

Time to share from my fabric stash.


I found this fabric on my shelves and remembered how much I loved it when I first purchased it. Designed by Felicity Miller, it reminds me of a painting. I especially like the whimsical feeling of this scene.

The Garden fabric

It’s planting season, one of my favorites times of year, so I feel like I need to use this fabric to make something garden-related. I don’t really want to cut it up for a patchwork project because there is so much charm in this print. I’m thinking about making the adorable Jane Market Bag by Alicia Paulson. I just need to find a couple more fabrics in my stash for the pockets, lining and handles. I’m sure I have something in my stash that will work.matching fabrics for market tote

This and all of my other sewing projects no longer have to wait because I finished my final projects for design class! You will find me in the sewing room or the garden from now on.

view of backyard

Share some of the fabrics from your stash by joining the Sunday Stash group.


Check out everyone else’s stash at the flickr group.  It’s fun to see the variety of fabrics out there, many of which are new to me.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash – The Garden

  1. I love the garden fabric! That tote would be perfect.
    I’m also enjoying the picture of your garden with the blooms on the tree framing the top! Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Terri! I love your stash fabrics today. The photos of your backyard are beautiful. I definitely need to get started on mine. I want to plant some more color near the pool and start some paper poppies from seed for midsummer planting. You’ve really outdone yourself in your design class, your work is so expressive and your textural assignment is awesome. It feels great to be nearly finished, doesn’t it? Have a good week!

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