Bonfires, Boating and a Maze

What a great getaway weekend to my parent’s cottage! Almost like a mini vacation. We lucked out with perfect weather in northern Wisconsin, considering it was hot and humid in Madison.

the lake side of the cottageI managed to spend a lot of time daydreaming over the water.

daydreaming over the waterAnd more time gazing at the bonfire on the beach and the millions of stars illuminating the sky over us.

bonfire at dusk

I love the way that fire looks in the blue light at dusk. And the way it changes when the night grows darker. Then the flames make the ground underneath glow.


We were lucky enough to go boating,

leaving the marinauntil we ended up at my favorite place! (they have the BEST bloody mary drinks and whitefish sandwiches!)

table for 4 at Fred and Fuzzy'sTheir views can’t be beat.

view from Fred and Fuzzy'sWe even went swimming in that cold, cold water, but it was so exhilarating and refreshing.

We also went to the Seaquist Orchard to try out this rope maze.

Rope Maze at SeaquistIt was fun to wind our way through the woods to get to the platform in the center.

rope maze through the woodsI only messed up once, retraced my steps, and found my way on the right path.

the right pathIt was a little hard to say goodbye to such a beautiful weekend, but it felt good too.

garrett bay

Oh yeah, by the way, I never touched the binding on that quilt, but I finished my book.  Wow! (I’m already on to the next one.)

9 thoughts on “Bonfires, Boating and a Maze

  1. Wow! Those pictures are all wonderful. I love that house!! The rope maze looks like it was lots of fun. What body of water is that? (forgive me for not knowing my geography). It looks beautiful!

  2. Your parent’s cottage is beautiful and such lovely surroundings! I wish i could take trips like this too….thanks for sharing your trip with us! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

  3. Terri, what a lovely spot. And you got to have a bon fire. We can’t have those here because of the fire danger~northern Cali didn’t get much rain this past winter. The whole weekend getaway looks just wonderful. I’m glad you had a good time!

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