Celebrating an Anniversary

We had a celebration yesterday – it was my husband’s one-year anniversary at his job! It was a big cause for celebration because Dave changed careers a few years ago and it took awhile for him to get hired permanently, after spending those years working at many companies as a consultant.

Dave and I at our family reunion party I’m so proud of his accomplishments and his perseverance during tough times. He’s a true computer geek, and my best bud!

12 thoughts on “Celebrating an Anniversary

  1. This is really awesome! Congrats to Dave from me. 🙂 I hope to some day be able to say the same thing, so I know what a big deal this is.

  2. What a wonderful couple! Experience has taught me that computer geeks are the best. It’s great to see smiles like yours!!

  3. This is too funny. . .I was just thinking the other day, it’s been almost a year since Terri’s posted about Dave’s new job. . .wonder how he likes it. . . I come home and here’s a post about it. Go Dave!!! What a great couple you two make. . .nice photo!

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