Artwork Packaging

Sometimes I buy things just because I love the artwork on them.

I bought these zippered pouches at Barnes & Noble recently… just because the artwork is so unique with a touch on the wild side.

artwork pencil pouchesThe top one is called dragon tattoo art and the bottom one is called chalky heart. Makes me want to practice my drawing more. Thank goodness my next drawing class starts in a couple weeks.

I also bought these adorable mint tins for a $1.00 each because the artwork was so fabulous. These chicks are a bit fantasy mixed in with female attitude.

cool artwork mint tins

Does you guys ever do this – buy something just because the container or the packaging is so hard to resist?

5 thoughts on “Artwork Packaging

  1. Love those pouches from Barnes & Noble! The patterns are usually the reason I am attracted to so many things that I own. That also spurs most of my impulse buys (although I try to resist!)

  2. Hi fishie! I do the same thing — I’m especially dangerous in a bookstore. I get attracted to books because of their covers and designs. Yum!

  3. I do it ALL the time! I have more cute notebooks, tins, boxes, towels, bags, and containers than I will ever know what to do with! I totally buy things because of how/or what they are packaged in! I’m a marketing company’s dream consumer. I thought I was the only one who did that! Phew, I’m not alone.

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