A Quiet House Again

Thanks for all the family love! My sister and nieces have departed for their journey back to China, my brother and his daughter are heading back to Minneapolis, and all is quiet again… for awhile. I suppose everyone else’s houses are picking now with the school season upon us.

some of my family

(that’s my aunt Madelon pictured on the right with them)

We spent lots of time shopping and playing in my mom’s beautiful backyard.

my moms pretty flower gardenCheck out this cool container she has tucked in the back among the hostas.

the face container

She has this gorgeous hydrangea bush full of big puff balls.

hydrangea bush

It’s full of flowers that seem bigger than softballs.

hydrangea puff ballsI always forget to plant some of these black-eyed susans, which would work well in our sunny backyard.

black-eyed susansI thought these little roses were so pretty, even though they were past blooming and were just about to fall apart. Each flower petal looks like a heart.

pretty little roses

My mom brought home these gorgeous roses from the garden center she works at. I have never seen variegated roses, which I guess is a new experiment.

variegated roses

My drawing class starts a week from today, so I have a week left to get more patchwork projects made, to sew on labels, and take pictures of everything for my etsy shop.

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “A Quiet House Again

  1. It’s so difficult to see your family members leave. Your mother’s back yard garden is gorgeous, love all the flowers and the planter is awesome. She must have a green thumb.

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