More Gardening

Since I’m not ready to show you my latest patchwork projects yet, can I show you more garden photos?  I have been neglecting our yard and gardens lately because, like some others, I am getting over the whole gardening marathon.

messy veggie gardenI have been especially neglecting my vegetable garden, as you can see from the messiness. I only have two tomato plants in there, and I put cages around them, but they got so top-heavy and I never took the time to string them up more. So now they are sort of crushing the jalapeno and bell peppers. Oh well.

pepper harvestWe are still getting flowers on our rose bushes.

pink rose bushThis one hardly ever blooms, so it was nice to find a cluster of flowers on it.

rose clusterOur little hydrangea trees are almost done blooming too.  They make a nice backdrop against our fence. (By the way, I had to chase Dave outside last night to pull and spray weeds so I could secretly watch the newest movie trailer over and over.)

Leopold bench in backyardSoon enough I will be busy picking tomatoes, making salsa and canning. Then I will really be done with this gardening season.  Oh yea, wait, there will be spring bulbs to plant in October. Darn.


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